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2022.01.21 13:32 automacktic Simply a Goddess

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2022.01.21 13:32 fabiulousgames I started a series on my YT channel where I critique and analyze my first games, this is the first episode! I spent a lot of time on it, would love to get your thoughts about it! :)

I started a series on my YT channel where I critique and analyze my first games, this is the first episode! I spent a lot of time on it, would love to get your thoughts about it! :) submitted by fabiulousgames to gamedev [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 13:32 C6H12O7 Jean-Jacques Goldman, un absent omniprésent

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2022.01.21 13:32 Particular-Ad-829278 I feel so lonely My family is terrible, what should I do

As a lesbian in the closet, I feel very lonely. My aunt has found a man to marry me and they keep telling me you need a man you gonna be happy or you gonna have children that's terrible for me
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2022.01.21 13:32 ForWeCanRise New Netflix movie just dropped. I think it's about their stock price

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2022.01.21 13:32 Skvli What is up with people being upset with (I think) M&Ms character's shoes?

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2022.01.21 13:32 BillcypherinTOH Pickups from like a month ago best is last

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2022.01.21 13:32 Nikkolios Crossmember end fouls on servo armature - Axial SCX10 II build. Is this common?

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2022.01.21 13:32 yyzworker Ontario Expanding Access to COVID-19 Vaccines for Students and Education Staff

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2022.01.21 13:32 phneutral Je suis Mepassistants, I am Mepassistants, demandez-moi d’importe quoi, ask me anything. This week-end, on r/YUROP only.

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2022.01.21 13:32 Thetimmybaby Rudy Giuliani oversaw state effort to send fake electors to declare Trump victory in 2020, report says

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2022.01.21 13:32 Meowtar Why doesn’t leagues have personal shop stock?

Temporary game mode with no way to trade/sell items to other players. Why don’t we get personal shops? I’ve hopped every world multiple times throughout the last 2 days and haven’t been able to get a pair of mith legs because they are all 0 stock. Took 30+ hops to get a steel platebody because they are all overstock. Let everyone buy soda ash and buckets of sand from crew members at full stock, who cares? Crazy to me that the mode is massively restricted to and built around solo play but this is still an issue the third time around.
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2022.01.21 13:32 BoredDesiRedditor Anurag Kashyap on John Abraham and Bollywood (2)

JOHN ABRAHAM- Just wondering
The reason we are so behind as a a filmmaking nation is that we don’t love making films..since i started this blog there are only advices and complains from the filmmaking drunk out of my mind.. ..Dhoom 2 is a really frustrates me..GIIFA were so pleasing everybody..that frustrates me too..fight club won best debut director over khosla ka ghosla..over ahista ahista..over sehar..over pyar ke side effects..tusshar won best actor in a comic role over sharman..ranvir shorey the discovery of the year wasn’t even nominated..konkona wasn’t nominated for omkara..and deepak dobriyal in omkara was frigging five hundred times better than an abhishek bachhan in all his performances put together and wasn’t even nominated..they should start doing these awards in the yashraj lawns or bachchan gardens where they play holi..its like the family to kapoor..two to khans..three to kumars..did someone forget siddarth in RDB for best debut..hrithik should have got the best jump award for krrish..what about arshad warsi for best actor in a comic role or for that matter supporting role..
..the problem with this country is that when we import equipments,we import second hand spare parts and we assemble them here..our government does not treat filmmaking more than an exercise in vanity..maybe we deserve wonder when faced with beaureaucracy oliver stone decided to take his alexander to thailand..the reason we make most films abroad is because when we go there things are made available to us..most countries in the world look at films as the means to promote tourism, so they invite us, make all possibilities and let cinema prevail..our custom duties, our tax system and our policies make it impossible to import genuine new equipments..hence they can’t be insured..hence noone who owns it wants to take a chance..and there is a lot to recover so they use it till its beyond not usable..they don’t service it..and they fuck up in general..
SRK says now we are not afraid of losing money because tie-ins and various other ways and methods can now be used to make have stopped making we make haldiram’s recipe pleases all..or that’s what we think..then applaud ourselves and repeat all over again..
there is a lot being written about John’s performance in Babul and Kabul..and i am not trying to say he is good in them..he is not..whose fault is it..some reviewer wrote that he stands in a corner doing nothing..why should he do anything when he is not required to do it..he is doing what the director asks him to do..but one fact that nobody seems to notice is that a film like Kabul express has been attempted and made in this country and its not thanks to aditya chopra..its thanks to John abraham..he was on it before yashraj came on..yashraj got interested because it was the first project floating around in the market with John attached post dhoom..pre yashraj the film had another producer in the name of imtiaz is not a john abraham film..its first a kabir khan film..then its a salman ahmed or an arshad warsi film..then why is it sold with JA at the forefront because yashraj didn’t have the confidence in selling the idea..yashraj doesn’t sell ideas..they sell packages..John abraham is no de niro or for that matter he is not even a KK or irfan..he probably never wanted to be one..he was just a middle class boy living in Bandra and andheri east in a 1BHK only seeking a better life..his only dream was to buy his dream bike..he was a regular nine to five guy,eating lunch for eight bucks in an udipi restaurant between lunch hours, then Gladrags happened and then he joined films..he probably wanted to see himself on screen or probably wanted to make easy money or just wanted to star opposite bipasha basu..i also wanted to act when i came he wants to be an he is ambitious..he wants to grow so he is making risque me another actor other than aamir khan who can refuse two big proposals of doing a yashraj film and a mani ratnam film(incidentally i worked on both these films that he rejected) and choose absolutely risky kabul express or no smoking..SRK didn’t have the courage..Hrithik roshan, the other day asked me at a friends party, in front of kunal kapoor as witness,”why didn’t you come to me with no smoking,i heard the concept somewhere and liked it?”**..he couldn’t remember who told him and where, and i did not remind him that it was me who narrated him the concept but at that time he wanted to do something like “Starsky and Hutch”..problem is no actor barring aamir and John have the intelligence or imagination to see a film before its made..they might understand a swades or jodha akbar post lagaan or delhi 6 post RDB but only on the basis of past laurels..
Now john is not as good an actor as hrithik is or aamir..but the man understands that and works on it..he was pathetic in Babul but that wasn’t his role..he was a miscast..and no one except the director can be blamed for that..knowing he is an actor who cannot speak the language he was made to speak, someone should have worked with him,someone should have worked with him on his motivations and state of mind..but no one bothered to because no one cared,they already had the proposal, project was already sold..who gives a flying fuck..**everytime a film doesn’t work its only the directors fault..and everytime it succeeds its because of a lot of people..and thats a fact..**i am too arrogant to admit someone else fucked up my film because thats saying that whoever fucked it had a power greater than mine..if an actor doesn’t deliver its upto the director to keep continuing with the shot..he has the power to say ok hence if its not right its his fault..if the production fucks up and the director doesn’t correct it or confronts it and accepts it because he is in a tearing hurry to touch the finishing line then its his fucking fault, because he didn’t have the balls to take a stand..if he accepts actors tantrums and lets it go then its his fucking one can say the actor didn’t listen to him while the postmortem is anything wrong with the film..blame the general not the soldier..
Versatility anyway is a actor has ever been able to become somebody else..they can put on or lose weight..gain or lose hair or moustache or change colours but they remain the same person..they only can become believing in the shows in their eyes..its all about the eyes..which is why the old english lady in dhoom2 in the opening scene gives away that its hrithik in the mask..even the mask can’t hide the eyes..thats where the screen presence is..the eyes..even method acting begins with the state of mind..and its director’s job to keep the actor in that frame of actor can’t be thinking of his entire character graph..he has to be in the moment or the camera will catch is the most ruthless piece of equipment..its a thing if beauty that you can’t lie can cheat it, hide from it but it eventually catches is the directors job to design the graph and keep everyone aware of it..all the if an actor loses the moment its the director who is either allowing it or letting it slip away..
If arshad warsi rocks in a scene and john stands silently its because he is asked to, and he is secure enough to know that it is arshads scene and that is the greatness of John Abraham..even an amitabh bachchan is not half that secure..In arshad’s own words**,”two most brilliant people i have worked with are sanju and john because they never made me feel scarce.**“..which is why probably they are working together in Goal all over again ..John can appreciate and work alongside a talent greater than his because he is constantly learning..john abraham rocks in my film..its his film all the way ..because he knew what to do..because he questioned every motivation,asked for it and got it..he knew the state of mind..he was now if my film turns out to be a fuckall film..blame me..if john abraham is a bad actor than abhishek bachchan is equally bad, but who has the balls to write it..AB was great in yuva to everybody except me..i am the one who wrote the goddamned lines.. i wrote lallan singh and they were the best damn lines i ever wrote..and believe me he didn’t understand half of it..he never rose above the script..but he won all the awards..his talent, and his career, the way it has shaped up are two different things and i do not envy him that..he is loved by people..John is rising over the script in what i am doing..
My reason to write this piece is that a film like kabul gets made once in a while..people like John go out of the sheltered secure atmosphere and make choices which if not immediately but slowly will change cinema and henceforth change him..and i am scared such critcism from people who cross the line and get personal dissuade a man like that and push him back to regressive choices everyone else is making..who are our critics..Khalid Mohammad is no Francois Truffaut..he is just a wannabe..nikhat or deepa are not pauline kael..our film magazines are not cahiers du cinema..this is not paris in the fifties or sixties when cinema was all passion..we are frogs in a well.and we will pull down everyone who wants to climb out..
I simply love John Abraham..I am yet hopeful because there exists a John Abraham or else i would forever remain cynical and keep ranting..and for the critics who am i to say anything when its already said a million times Quote some..
Great critics,of whom there are piteously few,build a home for the truth.-Raymond Chandler
Pay no attention to what critics say, no statue has ever been put up to a critic.-jean sibelius
Listen carefully to first criticisms of your work. Note just what it is about your work that critics don’t like- then cultivate it. That is the part of your work thats individual and worth keeping.-Jean Cocteau
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2022.01.21 13:32 RODRIGOFCEL Sistema de inteligência do governo monitora 360 mil alvos, diz revista

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2022.01.21 13:32 heythrowmeout How do I help my best friend through this breakup

My best friend was just in a “situationship”with this guy that I think was bad news for her (they’re both adults, if that matters). He just ending things with her. She was very much in love with him & I think she was blinded by that & by the fact that technically, he was everything she ever wanted in a guy. But he wasn’t giving her his loyalty or commitment to her (there’s more to it but that’s what it all came down to). She knows very much that I didn’t like how he was treating her. Most of the time, she’d ignore the fact that their situationship was fine but she recently admitted to me that she was pretending that they were. She’s very distraught by this and I’ve already told her the hard truth about everything but she told me that’s not what she needs to hear right now. What do I do or say?
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2022.01.21 13:32 undrap Willie The Kid & V Don - Catch Me If You Can (EP)

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2022.01.21 13:32 Excellent_Street4651 Cuteee

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2022.01.21 13:32 EnjoyYourCoffeeBreak Addiction to XP

Why people are so addicted to gain XP? I mean in most of the games, not only BF. They are so addicted that play something that is not even fun at all (ie: camping in a spot that bots can't reach, wasting hours killing them, just to gain xp and unlock mastery, weapons, ecc).
Years ago, games didn't have XP mechanics to unlock things and rewards, they were only points, just a number on a screen and we only played them for fun.
I always play games without caring about xp i gain. If i unlock something, that is fine. Some achievement are funny to achieve and i try to complete them, but if it's start becoming boring, i do not care anymore. I can't understand why some people are so addicted
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2022.01.21 13:32 ChirpingSparrows After NZ, US govts allocating funds for reporters toeing govt line(US doing so for reporters in foreign nations too),Sweden creates Psychological Defense Agency in collab with army to "inoculate Swedish Minds Against Misinfo".Move lauded by CIA-linked Carnegie & FT "Psy-Ops Crucial to Fight Disinfo"

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2022.01.21 13:32 godrath777 Rebuild advice?

Working on the non-wood walls, and moving my generators. What else can i do? Peaceful setting.
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2022.01.21 13:32 ManningVsCam [USA-MI] [H] iPad Air 4th gen 256gb + keyboard case + trifold case [W] PayPal

Selling my 4th gen ipad air as I bought an ipad pro. This is Silver in color and is the WiFi version. It comes with a trifold case and a bluetooth keyboard case. The bluetooth keyboard case came with the ipad from the previous owner and has lots of stickers. I never used the keyboard, so never bothered removing them.
Price is $625 including PayPal and shipping fee.
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