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What was your standard school lunch when you were a kid?

Your constitutional right to privacy makes it illegal for your school to “out” you to anyone without your permission, even if you’re out to other people at school. The First Amendment protects your right to express yourself in public schools. That includes bringing a same-sex date to prom or any school event. With over 1.3 million professors, 7,000 schools & 15 million ratings, Rate My Professors is the best professor ratings source based on student feedback. Find & rate your professors or school! #LeaveYourMark The Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity (OSCAI) exists to promote the community standards of Old Dominion University. Through our interactions with students, we hope to foster a climate of personal and academic integrity that facilitates the success of all University community members. Explore more CARING ENVIRONMENT Learn in a caring environment with relatively small classes so that you can ask questions and improve your learning. Explore more practice Practice in a system of specialty clinics such as pediatrics and infant’s vision, vision therapy, low vision, specialty contact lenses, prosthetic eyes, and electrodiagnosis.

2022.01.21 15:10 GeneralFactotum What was your standard school lunch when you were a kid?

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2022.01.21 15:10 dajacla03 Something my mom said…

On mobile, sorry about formatting. Just a small rant. But I was talking to my mom about the way that my boss was treating us workers (we’re all on the brink of quitting) and one thing that he does is makes people do extra work and works a lot of people way past 40 hours a week (40hweek is in our contract). And my mom said “the 40 hour work week is a myth. Everyone has to work more than that.” She also said “if your boss tells you to do more than your job description you just have to suck it up and do it, even if it’s outside your job description.”
My mom is GenX. Is this a common mentality among them/y’all? How do they deal with it? This just feels like such a soul crushing mentality to think that you can’t do anything when your boss mistreats you.
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2022.01.21 15:10 ExBigBoss Is it just me or is Fallujah better Aliencore than Rings of Saturn is?

Just consider this sick beat: Fallujah - Sapphire (Guitar Playthrough) - YouTube
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2022.01.21 15:10 Aware_Picture1973 To see something good in the day: FIRST DROP starts today Developers are very busy today

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2022.01.21 15:10 Specialist-Thing-916 Who else is tired of living in a history book?

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2022.01.21 15:09 Rich-Associate-7703 I like having psychosis it's my superpower. I can literally choose whatever reality I want for myself.

I've stopped taking my meds. I am bipolar type one with psychosis and I'm trying to learn to not depend on meds. I can feel an episode coming on but I'm not scared. I want to change my reality. When I have psychosis I never hallucinate but my delusions are so convincing that they are real I won't believe anyone that tells me otherwise.
I've thought I was a baby, I've thought the fbi was trailing me, I've thought that Chuck e cheese is literally the leader of the illuminati and they're coming for me for fucks sake
So I'm just thinking if I can somehow choose a good delusion to have then I can basically change my reality and how I view and think of everything. I can convince myself of whatever I want.
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2022.01.21 15:09 FrontpageWatch2020 [#364|+1847|61] Danny Trejo and his daughter, early 1990's [r/OldSchoolCool]

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2022.01.21 15:09 AquaSherbet Just heard about Louie Anderson 💔 Thanks for the laughs & for your dedication to McDowell’s

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2022.01.21 15:09 alphamke Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva. Sparring

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2022.01.21 15:09 robemmy Setting up a new home and have some questions:

Firstly, we have this green port in one of the rooms, what is it for? Our ISP will be xfinity, not at&t.
Secondly, is setting up a modem really as simple as just plugging it into a coax port?
Thirdly, there seems to be coax ports in almost every room. Is it best to set up at the most centrally located port? The one closest to desktops for a wired connection? We'll probably be using a combination modem/router.
I've only ever set up internet in a different country that uses different ports and names for everything so I keep getting lost.
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2022.01.21 15:09 ObtainSustainability “Taxing the sun”; experts call for changes to potential California rooftop solar-killing proposal

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2022.01.21 15:09 StonedOx I painted Ethan and Hila

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2022.01.21 15:09 mag1907 Aerodactyl RAID on me 9846 7499 4234

Aerodactyl RAID on me 9846 7499 4234
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2022.01.21 15:09 PJ-The-Awesome [Serious] What if there was no justice system at all and everybody took the law into their own hands?

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2022.01.21 15:09 JuliusMoons Xbox News: A “Jack-of-All-Trades” Repairman’s Quest to Save a Princess and Bring Peace to an Entire Kingdom

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2022.01.21 15:09 rvaichus No heat but hot water works??

Hi guys I have an oil burner. Yesterday the heat stopped working but I’m still getting hot water. Any ideas?
thanks one cold boi
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2022.01.21 15:09 FrontpageWatch2020 [#692|+458|82] Want to be rude to your server? Your leftovers are garbage! [r/MaliciousCompliance]

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2022.01.21 15:09 yadavvenugopal Learn to Write Copy with Harry Dry's Marketing Examples

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2022.01.21 15:09 doodlebec My mom getting diagnosed with breast cancer was my final straw with drinking.

The past several years my relationship with alcohol has been weird. I never turned to drinking because I was upset, it didn’t interfere with my work or relationships. I would get on the verge of black out probably every few months or so if I was drinking with friends and took it too far, but it wasn’t an every weekend or even every month thing. But I genuinely loved the taste of red wine. I loves sipping on usually 2 glasses after dinner with my tv shows while winding down. If I had cut out alcohol it wasn’t like I would go through with drawls or anything. But deep down I knew I needed to cut back.
Then over Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays we were with my in-laws (I’m super close with my SIL and BIL) and both times I had one night where I got absolutely wasted and made a fool of myself and ruined my next day of family activities with terrible hangovers. I felt so guilty. Im almost 27 and I should not be acting like that anymore. I was really wanting to give it up for a while - but I just did not want or could not convince myself to give up my nightly wine.
Then, my mom got diagnosed with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer (thankfully it was caught early and they are able to treat it with surgery and radiation so no chemo). And her oncologist told her that this specific breast cancer can be caused by red wine. Red wine is carcinogenic and causes breast cancer in women!
I haven’t had a sip of wine since - or of any alcohol for that matter. But I am so outraged. Everyone knows cigarettes cause cancer and warn you and even scorn you for smoking because you’re killing yourself…but will laugh and almost praise you for drinking wine. I had never heard red wine causes cancer. All you hear, and see in movies and TV and all the cliches are about red wine as a positive thing, a normal thing. You even hear that red wine is GOOD FOR YOU. But no one thinks to mention that it causes cancer women?!?! Fuck alcohol and the alcohol industry. I’m done fr. IWNDWYT.
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2022.01.21 15:09 lyndonf Join Language Learning

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2022.01.21 15:09 Disastrous-Trash6492 Huffing is for amatuers

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2022.01.21 15:09 watan592 غزة : التنمية الاجتماعية توزع سلال غذائية لعدد من الأسر الفقيرة

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2022.01.21 15:09 charmingeli [USA-FL] [H] $200 Paypal [W] Gtx 1060 6gb

Hey, looking for a gtx 1060 6gb to finish my build. I have $200 paypal.
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2022.01.21 15:09 nametagspls Now that Microsoft owns CoD (well, will own), does that mean that Xbox will get working nametags and aim assist?

It's been broken for me since season 1. This isn't some crazy request, guys. Maybe we could have some CoD Points TM for our trouble--that was a joke, they already have our money, there's no reason to do that.
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2022.01.21 15:09 Upper_Papaya_1722 Why are Spanish (Spain) shows so provocative?

On Netflix there are a ton of shows that highlight a more Vulgar side of life than the United States would ever imagine airing outside of HBO content. Almost all of the shows coming out of Spain have such intense and naughty things happening.
Elite has a bisexual threesome, gay boys, murder, and Cocaine, dropping harder drugs too. SkyRojo, the first episode has this prostitute stabbed through the titty with a pen; absolute banger show. Parts of Sense 8 came out of Spain and it really highlighted Gay relationships and even polygamy, having an orgy at one point. La Casa de Papel, epic and well written. House of Flowers if you want desperate housewives boosted on Spanish influence.
So many different shows that don't have to hide and tippy toe around censors. The US is really good at Gore, but honestly not everyone wants to see that. It's sad that they'd rather see gore than allow LGBTQ rep. A lot of prime time tv are even on a scaled back version of the stuff they allowed in the early 2000s.
Comment some recommendations, if anyone knows why certain content is allowed lmk, basically, I'm tired of Breaking Bad and Hannibal being "the" show ya'll have seen.
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