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My Friend Abel

2022.01.21 14:36 bobuhlee My Friend Abel

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2022.01.21 14:36 CruisnFan2084 Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit (PS1) - Replay mode gameplay #2

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2022.01.21 14:36 -chinups- [Video]Dune 4K HDR | Opening Scene

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2022.01.21 14:36 Svantos How much pubic hair does Regulus have?

View Poll
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2022.01.21 14:36 schoolcoders Some fractal examples in generativepy

generativepy is an open source Python library for creating various types of generative art. I've recently created some tutorials for generating well known fractals, partly to serve as an introduction to using the library.
If you are interested in using Python to create art, please check out the fractal tutorials, or the general tutorial on how to use the library.
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2022.01.21 14:36 Top_Database_4837 10 gün oldu

428 gün kaldı ve şu an fena bir istek var başını taşla ezeyim mi
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2022.01.21 14:36 Square_Inflation_534 Why is it that when a guy doesn't say he likely wants casual sex he's lying by omission but when a girl doesn't say she likely wants a relationship she isn't?

Can someone please genuinely explain this to me? This comes up a lot on dating its one of their top posts rn.
A guy comes on and says he's been accused of leading a girl on by taking her on dates, or cuddling, or holding hands, or giving too good head, cooking them breakfast or something.
All the girls ask if he was up front about wanting to be casual, he always answers that the conversation didn't happen until after they've had sex.
He gets accused by women of leading girls on and being a fuckboi since the conversation didn't go the girl's way.
He's called a liar, because he lied by omission and should do the honourable thing now and let her go because he's such a piece of shit.
But title, why is it just okay for her to assume that he's moving towards a relationship but he's a devil for assuming that she's just down for some sex?
Please explain.
Reposted as a CMV since apparently it was too biased to be a Q4W
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2022.01.21 14:36 ankerwotisup Want to tour the tropical forests of Malaysia? Lest the memory fade

Things change, people change, and ecosystems change. Contemporary ecosystem change is driven by tremendous rapidity in climatic shifts; the consequences reverberate.
To understand these changes, daring networks of scientists dedicated to studying forests established long-term dynamics plots that span the world's forests. The first was by Stephen Hubbel (Princeton) at Barro Colorado Island in Panama. The second was established by Peter Ashton (Harvard) and Sean Thomas (Toronto) in Pasoh, Malaysia.
In 2016 I assisted in teaching the tropical ecology field course, to that plot in Pasoh with Sean Thomas (Ph.D. advisor); and of course, the students of the Masters of Forest Conservation program.
By serendipity alone, it was a unique year whereby severe climate extremes triggered an astounding phenomenon of mass-flowering, a rare phenomenon whereby drought is driven by the El-Nino cycle-- effects that cascade homogeneously across the forest canopy.
While trees might make up the forests, forests are far more than mere trees.
Please like the video and subscribe to the channel if you liked the content.
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2022.01.21 14:36 Chrise762 Rescued cardinal displays gratitude by eating my nephews finger

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2022.01.21 14:36 Drujeful Path to Glory question

My wife and I have decided to start new armies with Path to Glory. She's going for Sylvaneth and I'm joining the Garden with the Vanguard box. I read through my battletome last night and wanted to ask for clarification on our Order of Battle.
So the book says that for each Hero in our army, we can include a non-hero daemon unit. Is that really as straightforward as it sounds? So like with the Vanguard box, could I put together my Order of Battle at 580/600 points as:
- Lord of Afflictions
- Spoilpox Scrivener
- Putrid Blightkings
And then have access to something like three Plaguebearer / Nurgling / Beasts of Nurgle / Plague Drones for free? Or am I totally missing something and that's not how it works? On the one hand, it kinda makes sense because our units are crazy expensive, but on the other hand that seems kinda crazy that we just get free units like this. Also, how does this work for reinforced units? PtG has rules on reinforced limits, but could I include something like a free reinforced Plaguebearers unit, and two more daemon units for free with this Order of Battle?
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2022.01.21 14:36 PotentialBath1 Will the rec be open when we move in/in red?

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2022.01.21 14:36 an-cap5454 Last year, there were A or W or R waves from

Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, Penn, UT, and USC today. Looks like the Penn wave is already starting. If I had to put money down on some of these happening, I’d put money on Chicago and USC afternoon waves. These are my predictions.
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2022.01.21 14:36 InsidePomegranate245 Now

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2022.01.21 14:36 banished_from_all How is sex and romance like as as a adult? Is teenage sex and romance a lot more fun and better?

not sure if this is the right flair but anyways...
I turn 19 years old in 2 days and I am still a virgin and very bitter and sad about it.
Whenever I go outside and see guys my age or even younger holding hands or kissing attractive girls I feel so envious of them and feel so angry that I missed out on adolescent sex and dating.
I know people are either gonna say that teenage relationships don't last or that sex at that age is awkward and you dont know what you're doing. first of, When I was in high school I often saw boys make out and touch beautiful girls and holy shit was I so jealous of them. It looked so fun and pleasurable and I doubt all teenagers have bad and awkward sexual experiences. And second, I do not expect or even want my high school relationship to last or to marry them or something. I just wanted to involve myself in that and know what it's like.
Sex as an adult doesn't seem as good. When you're a teen sex and dating seem so much more fun and exciting and pleasurable because the immense lust you have due to raging hormones.
I feel so angry and bitter that I will be a "late bloomer". Even if I have sex with beautiful women it just won't seem as exciting or "accomplishing". I am disappointed that I will get to experience sex once I am a grown ass man.
This mindset also makes me so envy of teenage boys who have sex with beautiful adult women (usually male students and female teachers) however maybe I shouldn't say that because people will complain about double standards and say the boys are victims (which I doubt they are since guys just work differently than girls and view and treat sex differently) so I don't wanna get into that and start a controversy.
How is sex and dating like as a adult? to the men who are in their mid 20s or older, how would you feel if extremely beautiful women wanted to be with you? I have so much fear and worries that I am gonna be a stoic grown ass man and I won't have as much desire for sex. I have heard of men getting bored of their beautiful wives or needing viagra (or other sexual supplements) to enjoy sex.
Fuck I just wish i could go back in time and try again.
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2022.01.21 14:36 Andrew4Life Synth Riders Free Weekend plus some DLCs on sale

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2022.01.21 14:36 TheMayMayMakers Le deathstroke has arrived, (Post by u/Danny-DevitoTrashMan)

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2022.01.21 14:36 HarderToBreathe97 [FO] my first finish of the year!

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2022.01.21 14:36 dimitrios_vlachos_04 Mufasa and Simba chilling in the shade.

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2022.01.21 14:36 Willing-Clock-8884 Pihu Movie Review: The Real Story of Pihu and Review (To Watch Pihu Full Movie, Link Below)

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2022.01.21 14:36 CMurra87 What am I doing wrong?

I see screenshots on here that look great, but it doesn’t look that great when I play on my pc. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or is my pc not good enough? I’m using an RTX3070.
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2022.01.21 14:36 mistahmacs My usual suspects

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2022.01.21 14:36 StrawberryLewd "Who wants to have some fun?"

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2022.01.21 14:36 keeoth If you could grow to any height you wanted to be, but all the height you gained came at your neck, how much taller would you want to be?

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2022.01.21 14:36 Instinct_Fazbear More Wendy

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2022.01.21 14:36 CheshireCcatt Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) RIP Meat Loaf

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