two types of lust

2022.01.21 14:13 LinesofStone two types of lust

feedback: a pale sun for you and it's already been done before
there are two kinds of lust:
the first is primal, animalistic,
where fast fingers rip at bras half-covering your bust.
it’s the stirring in the pit of my gut,
the rush of blood, caressing myself and pretending
each callous swipe is your touch.
it’s seeing red lace and thin straps
ride legs so skinny
they’d be in a kid’s meal,
hips so spotless
they could belong to mannequins.
you topless with a small hand shyly covering up,
only to move slowly into crossing your ankles
causes that lust to bubble, to rise to the surface;
like lava, to erupt.
yet the second lust is more contained,
less reliant on bites and restraints,
less about the aftercare from the spanking pain,
less concerned about your curled toes and o face.
no topic on our tongues is jejune,
and every object we purchase
has a sweet place in the room.
i don’t feel marooned on your kitchen island,
panic-stricken and searching for my little spoon.
i’ll festoon your figure with turquoise and kisses,
tinsel and licks, ash and cigs, as you moon me
and giggle about how that sight
will make me owe you a grand soon.
together we can watch classic cartoons,
listen to everything from metal to folky tunes.
neither form of lust is deadly,
not even a shade of a sin.
besides, i’m kissing an angel -
god’s got no choice but to grin.
i think all the deadliest sins have exceptions. that's probably why i wasn't a very good christian in my youth.
i recommend writing about someone and showing him or her. it's nice to see the gratitude, to see the piece printed and put on the fridge, to leave someone speechless. of course, if you do it for random girls or tinder or for the guy across the country you only talk to about festivals, it might not be appreciated. still, it's good practice.
currently posting only lines from my older poems on my instagram @LinesofStone. feel free to follow and reach out if you want to talk writing, need advice, want editing help, etc. and, of course, if you want to read a sequence of events of my misery, check out my book I Held You Four Days.
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2022.01.21 14:13 FuckPleaseNotMe I hate that it‘s weird to talk about male problems in the genital area.

Currently having a small / slight epididymitis. Been to the urologist for the first time. All felt pretty embarrassing but the whole staff made me realize it‘s all normal and ok. Never been there before though I‘m in my twenties.
But I still told nobody about it and take my meds in secret, cool the area in secret. I don‘t know, from the women I know they always talk about that stuff and give each other advice etc. Feel like it‘s impossible to have the same things with men.
Is it the same for you? Feels weird to go through it alone.
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2022.01.21 14:13 throwaway495820i4 What is up with those "bear chasers"?

I'm a bear, and i'm also good looking acording to people I had a instagram account and all my followers where trying to fetichize my body! demaning more pics of my belly and requesting feet pics. Some where asking me to fart and burp on camera or eat them alive (literally), really freaky stuff, some dude was obsessed with the size of my belly to an unhealy degree and would always demand more pics of it. Can someone what's up with those people? i'm not even a gay man btw, and they somehow found my twitter, my gay friend told me they where called bear chasers and they're creeps who objectify fat men, worst thing is that they weren't like just 3 or 4...there where like 5000 of them!!! wtf? Sorry, could someone explain me how i do get rid of those people? they even posted my instagram pics on weird sites to jack off at my body....i had a shirtless pic and a pic where my belly looks really big in a shirt and those had the most likes. What the fuck i do? i made another acount and they found me after a week or so.
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2022.01.21 14:13 ConfusedBuffoon5 I love this community. Thank you!

I’m starting to realize now that many of my issues in life come from repressing being non-binary. I think it’s taken me so long because of how comfortable I am with being a guy, how well I pass, and being straight. Hence why I’m a demiboy (honestly, demiguy or demiman is better). I’m so glad I stumbled into this subreddit earlier this month. Discovering I’m on the ace spectrum and now this, is so oddly relieving and I don’t feel so weird anymore.
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2022.01.21 14:13 Donnareed1999 What was widely considered a crazy conspiracy theory but later turned out to be true?

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2022.01.21 14:13 gossamerproject No one would believe I don't have friends.

Imagine this as best you can:
You’re hanging out your two cousins and your sister. You’re the oldest, the loudest, and because you’re these things, you’re sort of considered the leader. The role leader by default. Your aunt and uncle tell you that their kids look up to you.
They text your mother telling her that they can't wait to see you again. Your sister cries when you criticise anything she does, and she gets jealous when you talk to her friends and make them laugh; she thinks you're stealing them from her.
At work, your colleagues laugh at your jokes. You high five and fist bump when you see each other, and congratulate each other after a long day. Even though you push eachother around, when someone needs help, someone will always come running.
At school, you can talk to almost anyone. People ask you for help with homework, they ask you to send you their notes. They compliment your makeup or the scrunchie you wear in your hair. Someone tells you that they liked an observation you made in English. Teacher's talk about your work in the staffroom.
What they don’t know is that you don’t have any friends.
They could never image a loud, funny person like you sits alone at lunch, and to save yourself the awkwardness of being the only person without a friendship group to sit with, you just go and study in the library because it doesn’t look odd that you’re sitting by yourself.
You remember that one time when you were sitting by yourself at a table, and your acquaintance called out 'Where are all your friends?!' They were joking, of course. You replied 'I have none!' They laugh, because they think you're joking. You're not.
People assume you have friends because you’re outgoing and friendly, but only because you’re just so happy someone is even talking to you.
You used to have that one best friend that actually understood you, but they have a boyfriend now, so you went from seeing them all the time to less than 5 times a year. Oh yeah, and they don't even open your messages until three days later.
When family ask if you plan to hang out with friends in the holidays, you just laugh inside, because it feels like you're living a lie. What would your sweet, adoring grandmother think if you told her that her granddaughter whom she loves so dearly doesn't even have anyone to hang out with? You feel embarrassed.
When you sit with your cousins and sister, you can’t help but feel jealously that despite being the oldest, you're the only one that doesn’t have a group of friends. They go to parties, hang out, always have someone to message and receive constant notifications on their phones. You've only hung out with 2 people in the past 2 years.
I can't help but feel like there must be something wrong with me. How can I be a generally liked person, but not have a single friend I can turn to? How can I know so many people yet be so alone? Please, all I ever want is a group of friends. I feel like I'm losing myself.
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2022.01.21 14:13 erickscastellanogay Daedric artifacts

so I am attempting to get all of the daedric artifacts and so far I have the ring of Hircine, the ring of Namira, Dawnbreaker, The Mehrune's Razor, Sanquiens Rose, the Wabbajack, The masque of Calavicus Vile, and The mace of molag bal and I was wondering, do I have to get both the Ring of Hircine and the Saviors hide to get the achievement?
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2022.01.21 14:13 Emarieexd Language vs Headstone text

Hello! I’m not Mennonite but have Mennonite ancestry and love to learn about it. My ancestors came over to America from Mulhouse, France in 1820s but resided in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario area until my 2x great-grandfather moved to Ohio. My great-grandfather is the one who left his community. I know the Mennonite language isn’t High German, but when someone passes away, are the headstone engravings in High German? Or are words like “Hier ruhet”, “Tochter von”, and “gestorben” the same in both languages? Or is it a good chance they just spoke High German?
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Long Range Box Office Forecast: Uncharted ($25-40M Opening/$65-105M Domestic Total), Death on the Nile ($14-19M/$45-70M), Jackass Forever ($23-33M/$48-68M), & Q1 Prospects through Presidents’ Day submitted by chanma50 to boxoffice [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 14:13 Screenwriter6788 Lackluster Forbidden West Cover

Anyone else think it’s a downgrade from the Zero Dawn cover. It had a robot T. rex against a primitive woman. Forbidden West is the same, but a bird. Not as awe inspiring.
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