ds7if 5s4fs 274id adhns d2i54 4r8eh 2i3ty 7ia2t tiniy si342 e6ks2 bfban i22af f7shy 956kb r6ney akrn5 bsads nrebr nhk6t 76i4e $CZR Waiting for Buy signal on CZR https://t.co/DaFnZFB1nZ |

$CZR Waiting for Buy signal on CZR https://t.co/DaFnZFB1nZ

2022.01.21 13:49 ShortAlgo $CZR Waiting for Buy signal on CZR https://t.co/DaFnZFB1nZ

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2022.01.21 13:49 mynameis_nesi I just saw this and hope it’s not true but it made me kind of sad implying that Z was “cheating” on Tom…

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2022.01.21 13:49 StarvingArtist2000 Samara the Tiefling witch, art by me

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2022.01.21 13:49 peppenovo 🚀Andromeda 2K22 | SAFU DEV | Very low MarketCap | no dev wallet | expert team Hard working ✔️ | real crypto moonshot | Huge Marketing planned 💎| Fast growing community 🚀

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contract : 0x7925355256a255244399fd12f84ff333a5ac4bb6 tg group : https://t.me/Andromeda2k22
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2022.01.21 13:49 Basic-Ranger-9268 War Defense Practice Suggestion.

Yooo Scopely
Would you guys be opposed to letting us practice against ourselves during in between wars?
I want to test my defense a little more and not being able to do it myself really blows
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2022.01.21 13:49 AYum20Higg 20! and looking for a long term connection

Hiii. I’m currently bored out of my mind here at work. But only one person can save me: you. i hope so at least. anywaysss. like the title says i’m looking for a long term connection. where it’s a daily basis thing. i’m in the uk so be wary of time zones and that. but i’m sure anywhere we can make it work, i’m not confident at all really. I love to ask questions so if you do wanna dm be wary i may ask loads. Im very shy and awkward so forgive me. I guess my biggest perk is i’m kind?? i’m into music, sports, gaming, parody dark humour music, the usual i guess, anyway i hope you have a good day. morning. evening or night. dm or not :)
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2022.01.21 13:49 Bballer2322 Looking to upgrade my enclosure.

I currently have my 6.5 month old male ball python in a 20 gallon glass tank.
I was looking into upgrading to the recommended 4x2x2 PVC but don’t know where to begin. I’ve looked at the recommended list in the welcome post on this sub but I don’t know where to begin to decide between all those choices.
Does anyone have any specific brands / enclosures that they would be willing to recommend?
Thanks to everyone in advance!
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2022.01.21 13:49 gabewinter25 Biden Speaking on Increasing Ohio Chip Manufacturing!

I couldn’t see a better place for $WKHS to be?! Go Loveland, OH!
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2022.01.21 13:49 vegetarmin Flashes of light and dots in my vision for months everyone i get vaccinated.

26, male, white, 6‘06“, 210 lbs, athletic, vegan diet
I got vaccinated with BionTech Pfizer on May 5th 2021, June 8th 2021 and Jan 17th 2022.
One day after the second vaccination I started recognising small dots/flashes of light happening in my vision. Mostly they were very small, like a fly, and stayed there for half a second.
It was like: one flash, … 10 min no flash, one flash, … 1 min no flash, …
in this way it happended unregularly throughout the day. Have been to hosptial because I also got heavy Diarrhoe for 3 weeks and an intermitting droopy left eyelid (intermitting ptosis throughout the day, every myasthenia gravis test was negative).
Did many vision tests, brain MRT, blood tests, brain CT, … exactly nothing was found.
Docs just ignored my suspicion that it‘s from the vaccine because it‘s safe and it causes no symptoms like this.
After two months or so it disappeared slowly.
I got the third vacc now on Jan 17th 2022. And gues what: One day after the vacc my flashes and dots came back and so did my droopy eyelid.
It‘s unbelievably hard to find a doc in Austria who believes you.
What the hell shall I do? Do you know ANY similar cases? What would cause this symptoms? I dont want to get vaccinated a fourth time! Believe me.
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2022.01.21 13:49 naza1985 Londrina instala três placas indicativas por onde passa o Trópico de Capricórnio

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2022.01.21 13:49 Hellibor Imperials 2 by TazMar

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2022.01.21 13:49 callsignbri 🤨 i don’t think so….

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2022.01.21 13:49 TheAsuraKing Thats a nice way to say you need to work around us.

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2022.01.21 13:49 SofiaYT__ Primo meme

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2022.01.21 13:49 BammgamingYT Watch "HOW TO BUY MT! CHEAP" on YouTube

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2022.01.21 13:49 DarkHumour21 Built for hip fire

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2022.01.21 13:49 TN_Egyptologist Alabastron (Container for Scented Oil)

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2022.01.21 13:49 CristiSeara ich🖊iel

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2022.01.21 13:49 marianoponceiii Vaccine expert warns against deliberate COVID-19 infection

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2022.01.21 13:49 AmberCockapoo Please be kind! I know it needs improvement!

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2022.01.21 13:49 DaFuxxDick [Rapaport] Adam Peters had stellar interviews with the #Giants, and #Chiefs exec Ryan Poles — currently speaking to the #Bears about their GM opening — is also in play in Minnesota. But the #Giants go with Schoen as their GM.

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2022.01.21 13:49 FoolinFouladi Spawn of Chaos: Heralds of Wayinar

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2022.01.21 13:49 Jafar_420 Boycott Apothecary

I think we should. If not for the bugs we should do it for the overcoming lab samples so they would have pass. Any thoughts?
Never forget!
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2022.01.21 13:49 PowderMonkey74 Benny In Space

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