Çılgın gibi okuyorum da sıkıcı olmaya başladı aq daha yarısına geldim

2022.01.21 15:14 TMacc4 Çılgın gibi okuyorum da sıkıcı olmaya başladı aq daha yarısına geldim

Türk dizisi kıvamında yasak aşk var. Ahmet mal, celile oruspu, Muhsin şerefsiz
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2022.01.21 15:14 iwebwirenews 'Bat Out of Hell' singer Meat Loaf dies at 74 - iWebWire

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2022.01.21 15:14 IamZeus11 Painted a planetar today!

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2022.01.21 15:14 haaappppyyy Hello everyone. I need help with understanding a phrase if it’s possible.

What does this phrase mean?
“Being dishonest will come back around, I believe”
Thank you for any help.
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2022.01.21 15:14 Some_Italian_Guy If you have GamePass, you must play Death's Door.

It is absolutely phenomenal.
One of my favorite games this year.
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2022.01.21 15:14 Ivyfrostym I’m going to start a reread

I haven’t read Warriors in a long time (almost a year) and I was thinking I should reread the series. How? Idk yet. Give me your most and least stupid ideas and I try to follow them. Also: I’m Finnish and I read in Finnish. We are currently going halfway through AvoS with 8 super editions, 4 field guides and 3 novella books, so I don’t have access to all of the books in the series.
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2022.01.21 15:14 fcochile Algún compatriota que se peine con el Inglés

Qué harías para expresar una idea en pasado pero no sabes si el verbo es regular o irregular (y tampoco conoces su conjugación) pero sí sabes cuál es el infinitivo.
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2022.01.21 15:14 StengusKhan I need som wrinkles brains to help me

So i got my account at Computershare all setup and now have access to my first batch of shares, i filled in a form and sent it back, and i drs another batch of shares and i just got the same form to fill out again! Do i have to fill out and send this form every time i drs?
AMC to the moon 🚀🚀🚀
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2022.01.21 15:14 Sometimes_kate It’s finally the weekend 💅💄👗👠

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2022.01.21 15:14 crytoloover 10X Gems Top 5 Web 3.0 Crypto Coin in 2022 | Top 5 Coins Buy for Short term in 2022 | 10x Gems Coin

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2022.01.21 15:14 Cherrynotop NSLS is not a traditional “scam” but rather a bad org

Apologies for the ranty nature of this post, however I just received two new recruitment emails from them and am over it. They have been inundating me with emails since I first got to Vandy, and I’ve requested that they leave me alone every single time. They are a for-profit org that masquerades as something beneficial to students. It is quite gross how they address students, pretending a faculty member recommended you or citing your “demonstrated leadership skills” (whatever that means). There is an obscene initiation fee (which, fine, a lot of orgs have fees) but they do not offer anything of value to their members. Those scholarships they insist are member-exclusive? Bs. They are not a scam, however they are simply mass-emailing almost every Vandy student and feigning an air of exclusivity. If you are contemplating, please consider joining a more legitimate honor society as there is no benefit to this one.
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2022.01.21 15:14 sad_and_stupid Please help me find this English word!

Someone had hurt your feelings and now you're angry about it. What would you call that experience or the feeling that you have against him
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2022.01.21 15:14 GhostOfSin1 Iceberg classic and New Iceberg

Which one is better? The old one (classic) or older wider version of Iceberg? Thanks.
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2022.01.21 15:14 John-AtWork u/Emissary_of_Light does the math on the Lux, Lumen and Candela of the Moon and the Sun

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2022.01.21 15:14 MareksDad Need help finding a comprehensive list of those quests that never leave your journal? (Not necessarily “radiant” quests, but the explicitly infinite ones, like “Dark Brotherhood Forever)

I’m a completionist, and aside from the handful of glitched miscellaneous objectives that are stuck in my journal for eternity, I want to ensure that I’m never given a quest that is a bland, infinitely-repeating fetch/kill objective.
Specifically, the ones that never leave your journal.
So Shalidor’s Insights for instance doesn’t count — as you have to manually re-activate that quest after completing it once; it will only ever be listed in your objectives if you want it to be.
The Dark Brotherhood Forever however is an unholy abomination of generic and tasteless repeating objectives that is never truly complete. It’s transparent padding for a game that has hundreds of hours of actual designed-by-hand content. It’s the lowest common denominator of “gameplay,” and I find it abysmal that it just has to sit in your journal and artificially tell you that you can’t actually finish the fucking game. It’s ridiculous and it’s the absolute antithesis of “role-playing.”
(So far I’ve managed to avoid getting stuck with that particular quest, by the way, by avoiding crossing a particular pixel on the Dawnstar Sanctuary’s staircase.)
Another example is the damned “talk to the companion’s leaders for work” miscellaneous objective, which to my knowledge cannot be told to fuck off like the Dark Brotherhood one. It’s sitting in my journal as we speak.
Any ideas of other “quests” like these? Any help is much appreciated.
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2022.01.21 15:14 InternationalFailure There really needs to be a thread to suggest challenges to avoid this subreddit being cluttered by challenge requests.

Something like /ManyATrueNerd uses
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2022.01.21 15:14 megawu Do I take these stickers of my guitar?

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2022.01.21 15:14 RelaxNatureSounds Get Free Bitcoin - Earn Bitcoins and Ethereum Free No Investment

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2022.01.21 15:14 IamShartacus Is there any evidence that LeGM exists?

For years the popular circlejerk has been that LeBron forces his teams to make trades and signings, often to the detriment of their performance. Most notably this season, the Russell Westbrook signing has been disastrous. When asked for evidence that LeBron is behind these moves, the common refrain is "of course he is."
Naturally a superstar is going to have an outsized influence on his team's roster decisions, but is there any evidence that LeBron is literally pulling the strings?
Bear in mind that recruiting a player is not the same as forcing Pelinka to sign someone.
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2022.01.21 15:14 RahanAlc Latest Chicago Fire episode

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2022.01.21 15:14 InvadingDuck I positive this would reduce drops by at least half.

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2022.01.21 15:14 Super_Illustrator303 Shid crazy 🤦🏾‍♂️ longlivejojo🕊

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2022.01.21 15:14 TrustCivil look at my art

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2022.01.21 15:14 Cool-Swordfish7223 Working From Home Since March 2020 - What Do You Think?

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2022.01.21 15:14 SteveyFreaq Looking to pick up a Dark Angel army

So I'm thinking of picking up a Dark Angel army.
Is it worth it? Are they fun to play? What kind of units should I buy?
Most of what I can find on YouTube seems to be pre-9th codex release so I'm unsure of how accurate they are...
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