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On Rollups - L2PAD

ARGANS offers satellite mission solutions across a range of services, including development of ground segment algorithms and applications, data quality assessment and validation, or operations on behalf of space agencies, while keeping a strong scientific expertise in remote sensing science.

2021.12.06 04:37 AmbergEvk On Rollups - L2PAD

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Wey jajaja cómo que borrando esto de reddit va ver only jajajajaja muy raro no? 😆
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CNAIR deschide astăzi „ciotul” de autostradă dintre Târgu Mureş şi Ungheni, tronsonul de pe A3 – Autostrada Transilvania având o lungime de doar 4,5 kilometri… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/autostrada-transilvania-ciotul-de-autostrada-dintre-targu-mures-si-ungheni-se-deschide-astazi-lipsesc-16-kilometri-pentru-autostrada-completa-intre-targu-mures-si-cluj.html
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2021.12.06 04:37 gg1234769 Advice on moving pee pads

Trying to move puppy pads but my dog will still go on the floor where they used to be and won’t go on the pads in the new area.
My dog is house trained but i like to leave one out when I work on Saturdays because i’ve had a few times when I am not able to come home on my lunch and/or work overtime.
I hate it being right in my living room and would like to put it in a less visible spot. She has rarely used it on my long days but if she does go when I am gone she has still gone where the puppy pads used to be when we trained her.... Help! Should I block her off from the area the pads used to be? Any advice appreciated
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2021.12.06 04:37 Manbeardo I visualized how rushers affect powerleveling

I was having a hard time wrapping my head around how a rusher's level impacts powerleveling, so I built an interactive visualization that lets you see for yourself!
You can change some settings on the right hand side like the number of rushees or the maximum relative number of kills needed to level up.
One of the things that's immediately evident here is that you should be very careful not to bring the rusher in too early. Having a bigger party size significantly reduces the experience disadvantage but even with the least aggressive approach (7 rushees, lvl20 rusher), you'd have to kill 4.4x the normal number of monsters to bring your rushees from lvl1 to lvl2. With the most aggressive approach (1 rushee, lvl99 rusher), you'd have to kill 45x the normal number of monsters!
There are some interesting breakpoints when you add some criteria to selecting a rusher level:

1 Rushee 2 Rushees 3 Rushees 4 Rushees 5 Rushees 6 Rushees 7 Rushees
Rushee level 5-15 (Countess-Arcane Sanctum) lvl30 Rusher (wait for lvl6 Rushee) lvl30 Rusher lvl30 Rusher lvl40 Rusher lvl40 Rusher lvl50 Rusher lvl50 Rusher
Rushee level 15-25 (Duriel-Diablo) lvl40 Rusher lvl50 Rusher lvl50 Rusher lvl60 Rusher lvl60 Rusher lvl70 Rusher lvl70 Rusher
Rushee level 25-65 (grush + hell exp farm) lvl99 Rusher lvl99 Rusher lvl99 Rusher lvl99 Rusher lvl99 Rusher lvl99 Rusher lvl99 Rusher
Of course, for any of this to be meaningful, I need to have done the math correctly. Here's how I calculated it:
player_count_modifier = (2 + number_of_rushees) / 2 in_party_modifier = 1.35 rushee_exp_share = rushee_level / (rusher_level + rushee_level * number_of_rushees) rushee_exp = player_count_modifier * in_party_modifier * rushee_exp_share kills_to_level = 1 / rushee_exp 
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2021.12.06 04:37 Due_Sign_6959 Insurance paid out to individual with disability and without capacity.

My brother has an intellectual disability and as such has a legally appointed guardian who is also responsible for finances.
He has recently had a claim submitted on his behalf with his insurance provider, and was approved for a pay-out of $4000 for replacement of items ruined in a flood.
All over his insurance documents are details confirming he has a financial guardian. His managed bank account is on file for payment of funds. He also has a personal account he has full access to which was not on file. During the process of this claim, insurance provider has called him directly and asked him to confirm/provide his personal bank details, he provided his personal account.
The funds were paid to him personally and he did not notify anyone. He need up spending and being scammed / giving away almost the entire amount within a week.
Is this illegal? How can we have this investigated?
Thank you for any advice
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2021.12.06 04:37 ll--o--ll Former Australian coach John Buchanan speaks to current coach Justin Langer about the pressures and challenges of a home Ashes series.

In a CODE exclusive interview -
John Buchanan: Preparation was one of your significant traits as a player. It’s important for people to understand the preparation that goes in as a coach. I would imagine you’ve been thinking about this [Ashes series] for some time, albeit you’re coming off a World Cup.
Justin Langer: No doubt, Buey. I’ve been doing this job for nearly four years now. In that time, and I think you did it once as a coach, but this is the second time now we’ve had a World Cup and an Ashes back-to-back. That doesn’t usually happen very often.
Leading up to the World Cup, our high performance manager said to me it would be really good to put a document together on how you’re going to win the World Cup. I thought, ‘OK, no worries, I can do that.’ He said it would be good to show the board, it would be good for me to understand. It started off as a 20-page PowerPoint document of role clarity and Aaron Finch’s view of how he thought we’d play, and Pat Cummins’ view, some venues [and so on].
A week ago I finished the document and sent it to Ben Oliver, Nick Hockley and a few other people. It’s 351 pages. We thought broadly of how we were going to win it with the role clarity and the venues. And then we broke it down to every single game.
The other fascinating thing about that document: I reckon if you asked all our players, they wouldn’t even know it exists. And that’s coaching. That’s management.
What you do with the players is you siphon all the information and give them [only] the gold nuggets. The captain, the vice-captain, the senior players, the batsmen, the bowlers. They wouldn’t even know the 351-page PowerPoint document exists, but they don’t need to. That’s what our job is. To get all the information and siphon it down to what’s important for each individual.
It’s the same with the Ashes. There are different venues, but we know England and their squad. We’ve got our first big strategy meeting this afternoon. We’ve siphoned it down to a point then we’ll do it specifically for the batting coach, the bowling coach, the fielding coach, the captain. Give them the gold nuggets and then let them go and get the boys prepared. Preparation as a coach is much broader, as you know, but as a player it got to the point where you [just] needed to know the five bowlers you were going to face, your stance is right, that you’re seeing the ball out of the bowler’s hand, and that you’re fit and healthy. You’re much broader as a coach.
JB: I remember at The Oval [in 2005], standing out there and watching England celebrate … I can still see the ticker tape coming down over them and watching them dancing around. Jamie Siddons was standing next to me and I said, ‘This is the beginning of us winning the next series.’
One of the things that came out of it was that Duncan Fletcher wrote … a book about that series. I just pored through it. Through that whole series, if I look back over my coaching career, that was one of the low points. I wasn’t the coach I needed to be at that time. We had a real off-field joust, to the point where … [at] trainings, I would get there with Jamie early so we could grab the part of the ground that I knew Duncan wanted. That’s how petty it became, because I was so caught up in the emotion of the series. That was totally irrelevant.
What [Fletcher] did, in a sense, he basically told the world in his book how he won the Ashes. Thank you very much, Duncan. I then completely understood how he ticked. There’s a lot of IP in your manifesto, but don’t share it with the world until you retire from coaching.
Don’t give anybody a look in.
JL: No chance!
JB: For you as a player, you handled detail. You didn’t like to be overwhelmed by it, but you could handle it. Warney would always say, ‘Coach, you’re complicating the game, don’t give us all this information.’ In the end, he was right in a sense. All you wanted as a batsman was to have a clear mind in the centre as you prepared to face [Steve] Harmison.
By that stage, you want to distill it down so a player can be as well prepared as possible. But behind the scenes you’re actually complicating everything to find those gold nuggets so you can pass those on the in the right way.
So, back to your strategy meeting. You’ve got a new captain, so how are you translating all that information to a young bloke who is taking on not only [the captaincy in] a Test series for the first time in his life, but an Ashes series, and an Ashes series at home, which has so much more focus.
JL: One of the things that we see in Pat Cummins is how organised he is. He is very well read. You know, Buey, that over the years I’ve read all the self-help books and I still enjoy reading them. But Pat has read all of them already and he’s a lot younger than me. He’s a bright young guy. He will be well organised for that. He will be one of those players – and has been – who can interpret the information and then siphon it down. He will walk in [to the strategy meeting] and there will have been hours and hours and hours of work gone into it. It will all be there for him and he can work through it as he likes.
The other thing I’ve learned, and you’ll understand this as well as anyone, is that the great advantage Pat Cummins has got right now as a young captain is he’s going to have Steve Smith fielding at second slip as the titled vice-captain now. He’s going to have David Warner fielding at first slip, who has as good a cricket brain as is in the game. He’s going to have Alex Carey wicketkeeping, who has been captain of the Australian white-ball team. He’s going to have Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc standing next to him, and they’re like his brothers, like I had with Punter and Haydos. They’ll be supporting him. You’ve got Nathan Lyon. They’ll have their ideas.
Pat will put his own mark on [the captaincy]. His upside is massive as a leader and a captain. I just can’t wait. People have always said, ‘Fast bowlers, they’re never captains.’ I said four years ago, ‘Well, Imran Khan is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he was a fast-bowling captain of a cricket team!’ There’s no reason it can’t happen. I think Pat is going to be awesome and he’s got really good people around him on and off the field that will help him become a success.
JB: It’s interesting what you say about having good people around you. I watched a documentary last night called ‘14 Peaks’. It’s the story of a Nepalese mountaineer who climbed the 14 highest peaks in the world, all 8,000m and above, and his challenge was to do it in seven months. He ended up doing it in six. But he talked always [about] his mates around him that enabled him to do what he wanted to do.
JL: I had a revelation two days ago about the importance of people. There’s no question, as you said with the 2005 Ashes, you felt you weren’t at your best. There has been a lot of commentary about me leading up to the T20 World Cup. We know that. Some of it was fair, some of it wasn’t.
I was on the driving range two days ago hitting some balls. George Bailey was there. Andrew McDonald, David Warner and Scotty Boland [were also there]. I hit about 30 golf balls and George Bailey got a phone call as the chairman of selectors. It was from Sean Abbott and his wife looked like she was about to deliver their first baby. He had to rush home, because Sean is in the Australia A team. I saw Bails jump into action, making four or five phone calls. And I kept hitting golf balls.
Then I got back to the hotel. There’s Jeff Vaughan, who is now an assistant coach, fantastic bloke, and he’s there with [Brian] ‘Freddie’ McFadyen, and they’re working through the training schedule for the next four or five days so it’s right for the first Test match. Later on that afternoon, I walked past the Convention Centre here. This all happened within four hours, right.
It came back to me, about [what] two years [ago was like]. On that day, in the morning, I had a coach’s meeting, a selection meeting, training and my head was spinning. And before training, I had to go to the Convention Centre and deliver an address in front of 800 people for the Queensland Cricket Association. My head was spinning so much that I thought, ‘I’m going to put my headphones on and go down to the driving range.’ I remember within 30 balls, I got a phone call and had to stop what I was doing, make another five calls.
The revelation was, four years into my job, I had George Bailey, whose role is to sort that stuff out, and he did a great job. I came back here. And there’s the coaches sorting out training and the schedule. And I didn’t have to do the luncheon this year, someone else was. Everyone in business talks about it, you read about it in every book, and it’s so true. It’s the same with your players, coaches, managers. If everyone plays their role, it is so liberating. Everyone loves their job. There’s less stress. If every business and every team took that approach, my gosh.
It’s a fluke, really, to win a World Cup. Let’s face it: everything has got to go right. But that has been the greatest lesson of the last six months. You get people doing their jobs and it makes life a lot easier. That’s the process and systems, which we know is everything, and hope decent outcomes go your way like the World Cup did.
JB: You are the head coach but your job is managing all the wheels within wheels. The big wheel is Cricket Australia, obviously, but the Australian men’s cricket team is a pretty big wheel within that. And you’ve got a whole lot of wheels in there that, provided they’re all turning and synchronizing, everything is going well. It doesn’t guarantee the result.
JL: No, but it makes your job easier.
JB: It can do.
JL: You’re right. It doesn’t guarantee anything. A lot was made of me going to see Tim Paine after quarantine. For me that’s a no-brainer. I’m going to see him and put a hug around my mate and make sure he’s OK. But I was able to do it because everything back here is getting sorted out, people are doing their thing.
Actually, one of your roles is to make sure your people are OK, and that includes Tim Paine, who was our captain two weeks ago and is going through a world of pain at the moment. You can work to your strengths if everyone is working to their strengths, keeping the environment sound and getting your job done.
JB: It’s amazing sitting here, listening to you, 20 minutes away from your first major strategy meeting and you’re still able to talk to me. For me, I would’ve been just stressed out at this stage, running around trying to make sure everything was right.
What do you think the keys will be to Australia’s performance? When you sit down at the end of a day, end of a Test match, end of a series and review that … you’re always looking at how your performance is going as an individual as a team.
JL: These are the things we do know. We know both teams will be very well prepared. England and Australia have great resources. England surprised us in the T20 World Cup game when they started bowling with [Adil] Rashid. It was like, ‘First over?’ As well prepared as we were, they’s obviously done their [research] and were well prepared.
The other thing we do know is both are very, very talented cricket teams with match-winners. Something that may be different between the two teams right now, I’m really hopeful Nathan Lyon has a big series. He’s a world-class bowler in Australia. You know you need a good spinner. With his extra bounce, he’s hungry, he’s very focused. Jack Leach is a very good bowler and Dom Bess is a very good bowler. They’re less experienced compared to Nathan Lyon. That’s something that stands out, we’ve got a more experienced spinner.
Both teams have got very good fast bowling attacks. Joe Root is an outstanding player, Jos Buttler, Ben Stokes and Johnny Bairstow are match-winners. Ollie Pope is a real young talent.
It’s going to be who’s got the nerve, who’s got the bottle.
[And] your best players have to stay fit and healthy. We can’t control that, we’ll do our best, but that will have a big impact on the series: who can keep their players, fit, healthy and fresh to perform.
JB: That reminds me again a little bit about 2005. England had obviously done their homework going into that series. We were totally aware of it, that around-the-wicket, swinging ball. They did keep their quartet of quick bowlers in the game right through that series.
You mentioned a couple of their players. Are there any other dangers that you might see to Australia’s performance in their series?
JL: I honestly think it’s going to be quite an evenly-matched series. One of the things [that has] worked really well over the last couple years are the “What if?” strategies. What if this happens? What are we going to do? You don’t want to be surprised, basically.
The one thing that will be interesting to me will be if England go with their four fast bowler strategy, which they do in England a lot with the Dukes ball and they did it a lot against India. Whether they do that, time will tell. It’s always tempting to do it in Australia, as you know, but I honestly think that a spin bowler is really important in Australia, particularly if the wicket gets a bit flatter. The outfields are fast, the Kookaburra ball doesn’t move around as much as the Dukes. Our guys play spin pretty well in Australia, so we’d have to grind it out a bit more.
JB: They do have the luxury of Stokes provided he’s at his game-level.
JL: Yes, and we’ve got the luxury of Cameron Green. Whilst he doesn’t have the experience of Ben Stokes, he’s certainly got the talent of Ben Stokes. You always like to have that [all-rounder] in a Test team and we’re lucky at the moment to have that. I hope he stays fit and healthy and keeps playing well. Young Cameron Green is a real talent, Bluey. What I like about him is how many runs he makes, he’s a gun fielder in the gully, he’s a beautiful athlete. I think he’s 6’8” and I saw him bowl today and he’s a real talent with the ball as well. That’s only going to get better as his body gets stronger. He’s one to look out for this series.
JB: At the end of the series, as you would as a player, when Justin Langer asks Justin Langer, ‘How did I perform through this series?’ how would you judge success?
JL: Personally or collectively?
JB: Your [personal] success.
JL: No.1: Were the processes of communication streamlined on and off the field? No.2: Was everyone clear on their roles and responsibilities? No.3: I laughed before, Buey, when you said [in] 2005 … [you were] stressed and getting [to] the field [early] so [England] didn’t get it. The thing I’ve learned in this life, and [it was] the greatest lesson at the World Cup, you’ve got to embrace fun. You know how serious I am. I’m a serious guy, but I’m a hippie at heart, I’m a softie at heart.
You won’t remember this but I will remind you. We were leaving the SCG one day. I had met Pat Farmer, the runner, [that day]. We had batted and it had been raining. I remember you were driving and I was in the [passenger] seat. And I remember saying to you, ‘Buey, how much fun is it to be in this team?’ I describe to people: being in the Australian cricket team back then was like being in a nightclub all day. There’s always music on, you go out to play with your best mates, there’s always laughter and good fun.
I was always at my best as a player then and I’m definitely at my best as a coach [in the same environment]. Just let go of stuff that’s out of your control and embrace having a good time. That’s how I do it. Hopefully we win the series and get the outcome, it’s more fun winning than losing, but so long as the environment stays calm and the boys keep enjoying what’s going on and we get our roles and processes right, that‘s how I judge it.
This is what’ll happen, Buck. I’ll predict it now and not after the series when we’re at the pub.
If Australia wins the series, everything in England cricket will be a failure. If England win the series, everything in Australian cricket will need fixing. But that’s actually on the surface, come on.
Because what the reality is … it’s 22 blokes going at it, having a red hot dip, well prepared, well talented. At the end, one of us will feel like the whole world is going to cave in but, come on, there’s more to it than that. Just keep looking under the surface and that’s where most of the answers lie, not on what gets written in the media or people in the pub are talking about when they don’t really know what’s happening below the surface.
JB: Too right. Good luck and thanks very much for the time. Hopefully we haven’t given the Poms too many insights!
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Paying in diamonds!
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2021.12.06 04:37 dantemanh Riot cheat actually ruins the game later pepeLaugh

Just read the glitch part:
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2021.12.06 04:37 TheFlyWasRight So why is Reddit allowing the reporting of the sexualization of minors but not doing anything about it when it’s blatantly obvious???

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2021.12.06 04:37 athefairy Chrishell’s Confessional Dress

Hi! Does anyone happen to know where chrishell’s season four confessional dress is from? The yellow floral one?
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