[US-CA 92071][WTB] Blood Bowl Team Manager -Foul Play Expansion [Condition - 3/4/5]

2021.12.06 05:47 Poisonous_Lumpia206 [US-CA 92071][WTB] Blood Bowl Team Manager -Foul Play Expansion [Condition - 3/4/5]

Hey y’all! This’ll be a stretch but I really want to play the Foul Play expansion.
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2021.12.06 05:47 Kiwizoo What’s the best life dream you actually made come true?

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2021.12.06 05:47 -sefr New NFT collection drop JUICEhaus - thought of making something fun, hope you guys like it. Link: https://rarible.com/user/0x3520a427F69FCb1c306e7833721f4698355e58Dd?tab=onsale profile

New NFT collection drop JUICEhaus - thought of making something fun, hope you guys like it. Link: https://rarible.com/use0x3520a427F69FCb1c306e7833721f4698355e58Dd?tab=onsale profile submitted by -sefr to NFTPromotion [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 05:47 kenziegaming115 Did a little bit if cleaning

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2021.12.06 05:47 Useful-Region-4144 💯

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2021.12.06 05:47 tzoanky Should We Try Dating?

Hello All,
First time posting so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. I’m (m37) yo in LA (recently moved) and I met a guy who was visiting from out of town. We hit it off well and hung out until he had to fly back. It’s been just over two weeks and we have pretty much texted and FaceTimed often enough to now I’m at the point of where to go from here. Obviously living in two separate big cities is the problem and I’m torn of whether to let this go or figure out a way to make it work. I’m currently learning a new career and cannot move. He works remote from home but recently started a new position. Seems to be bad timing…
Curious if anyone has been in something similar? If so just looking for some insight/discussion.
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2021.12.06 05:47 DBEmerald How to properly emulate FE Heroes?

So my phone isn't exactly up to date, so I'm going to have to emulate the game. However, I'm not fully certain on how to properly due it without errors, like say 803-4204. Any way to properly do this as well as avoid errors like this?
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2021.12.06 05:46 louxcx therapy is very much needed

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2021.12.06 05:46 Ask-reddit3320 Why innocent men go for the freaky or witchy women ?

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2021.12.06 05:46 karnihore My car was scratched up by a tree removal company, is there any action i can take?

My neighbours had some trees removed from their yard, in the process my car has been reasonably scratched on the top & one side. Is there anything I can do besides write an angry email to the owner? It was a company/service that did it, in regional vic, but posting here as I know its a popular sub.. I dont know what I even want to happen but im very annoyed, its very unprofessional and uncaring of them, wheres the respect for other peoples property.. I was home so they could have asked me to move it, but didn't.
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2021.12.06 05:46 ChiccoPetrocelli Cooking with gas

Hi, perhaps a stupid question..
would it be possible to put some little wood chunks in the grid during cooking the pizza with gas?
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2021.12.06 05:46 kennyjpark Magnets (feat. Lorde) by Disclosure now in Dolby Atmos

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2021.12.06 05:46 Opencluues Sorry for defending this project.

I am sorry for defending this project, I always had a hope that the team will do something. Market cap is very low and thought that any minimum effort from the team can make it literally fly. But the team is not doing even that minimum effort. - NO communications. - BREAKING deadlines and promises. - Non experienced moderators.
Unfortunately I can not go out because of the big loss, just lost 10k.
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2021.12.06 05:46 ajv1993 Is it normal to feel a little old for certain job positions?

I just turned 28 and I have been a student worker at a social services office for the past five months. I am currently in the proccess of finishing my Bachelors and getting in the MSW program at my university (12 units are required the student worker position).
This job is my first official job and the past five months have been complicated. The job itself is a bit menial and there are more student workers than actual work. Plus there are people that have been working there for years and so it is kind of difficult to make new friends or get use to certain rules that everybody just knows. I have often found myself completing that day's tasks with nothing to do. Me and another employee (who has been there for three years) are the oldest student workers there. The rest are either just out of high school or are in their early 20s. I remember telling one girl that I was about to turn 28 in November, with her reply being "aw good for you!" (she's 24 and I still don't now what the hell she meant by that).
A lot of this just comes down to feeling insecure about being in my late 20s and just barely starting to work. Especially working in a place where the work has become unchallenging and where you are treated more like an intern (or a custodian sometimes). I sometimes really regret not finishing my Associates and Bachelors sooner and not working during that time.
Now, I am not saying that 28 is old (it is still young) and I know that age shouldn't matter when it comes to jobs, but I can't shake this feeling. Feeling ashamed about being close to 30 with a job more fitting for a college freshman.
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2021.12.06 05:46 LevitatingTree This AI generated art looks a bit like the world of dark…

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2021.12.06 05:46 Kauma14 A Balkan/Slavic visual novel? Anyone here tried it? Seems to have a luck factor as the gameplay mehanic.

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2021.12.06 05:46 insacredjoy How to connect to wifi without the app

I was figuring this out tonight; in case it helps anyone else:
If you startup your EO1 with a connected keyboard and mouse as mentioned here: https://feeltrain.com/blog/hack-your-eo1/
... you can click and drag down on the little wifi icon in the upper right. As on an Android phone, that'll give you access to the settings. Click on the wifi and voila, it'll let you choose a wifi network and type in the password.
This was necessary for me because though I have the app, I wasn't able to connect to it -- my EO1 seems to be having trouble with bluetooth. But this has worked well.
By the way, if you want to run Chrome, you can download the APK for v74, and that works. It's better than the built-in browser.
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2021.12.06 05:46 mes05 Amazing 😍💋

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2021.12.06 05:46 ceesaart 10 Things To Know About Today’s Ukrainian Army

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2021.12.06 05:46 RightGrip PGC 2021 Player X: TL clib

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2021.12.06 05:46 Frosty_Green_5995 I love you Pope John Paul I: Am I allowed to post this???

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2021.12.06 05:46 SnooDingos8792 Fahéjas kóla

Hali! Máshol is hiánycikk a fahéjas coca cola? (Szolnokon élek) Elvileg október óta elérhető de mindössze 4 üveggel láttam a mai napig (azokat megis vettük karácsonyra). Akinek esetleg logisztikai végzettsége van eltudná mondani hogy egy új termék milyen sorrendben jut el az egyes üzletekbe? Tehát ilyenre gondolok hogy először a főváros és vonzáskörzete utána meg pl Nyugati regiók. Vagy ez tökre attól függ mikor és mennyit rendel az adott üzletvezető?
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2021.12.06 05:46 Squintyhippo Progression without Dragon Armour (Adventure Mode)

Hello all, I have recently started an adventure mode account, and I’ve set myself limitations on skills where I plan to not buy mining or woodcutting.
Am I going to have a really hard time beating the Volcanic Cave without dragon? Or am I able to find some decent gear to clear without having to get to 99 smithing without mining, or am I just shooting my self in the foot?
Also damn, it’s hard leveling skills and making money when your combat level is the cap. I’ve been killing cows for sooooooo long..
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2021.12.06 05:46 spartancam1302 A brilliant display in my schools bathroom

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