Israeli government earmarks more than $9 billion to advance Arab-Israeli sector

2021.10.27 07:08 GoggleMoggle18 Israeli government earmarks more than $9 billion to advance Arab-Israeli sector

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2021.10.27 07:08 elisioth4739 He has a very shiny nose

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2021.10.27 07:08 2sexytoo 36 [M4M] #Athens - Hosting NSA BJ for Masculine in Athens

Good looking all American white jock here. Perfect if you need discretion. 5'8, 155, workout daily and this stays between us. I'm hosting at my place down the street from UGA Stadium. Looking to practice deepthroat skills and stamina. Tested in August, no drugs and no diseases/HIV negative. No reciprocation needed.
I'm looking for a masculine guy who likes laying back while I give sloppy deepthroat head. Practice makes perfect :) So verbal is welcome and no size/race preference if you are masculine. If my ad is up, I'm still looking!
*Gloryhole/dark room anon available by request
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2021.10.27 07:08 psdnmstr01 What r/antiwork means, from the perspective of someone who's been here a while.

TL;DR: It can't really be summed up easily but you can just read the 'Core Philosophy' section to get a good overview, and maybe the 'Common Concerns' section if you have any.
As I'm sure everyone knows, this subreddit has been growing massively lately, and I think it's lead to some muddying of the waters when it comes to what exactly this subreddit is about. So I figured I should make this post to help clear up some misconceptions and hopefully give newcomers a clearer picture of what we're all about!
A Disclaimer Even before /antiwork's recent growth, there still wasn't exactly a clear consensus among it's users as to what exactly 'anti work' means, and I can't reasonably claim to be able to speak for everyone. As such I'm going to be giving my perspective on the matter, but still try to give an even handed overview of the general vibe.
Demographics I'm going to start by saying that I am in fact a godless Communist and, at least up until recently, so were the majority of users (Communists anyways, I can't be sure about the godless part). Sorry for everyone who rolled their eyes at people calling everyone who disagrees with them Communists, but in this case they were right. This is not, however a strictly Communist philosophy, and as the idea that "People who work three jobs shouldn't be starving" becomes less and less radical, I expect those demographics to change (or to already have changed) to encompass a wider spectrum of political thought. I am also an Anarchist, as again were the majority of people up until recently. Again, however, that is not a prerequisite to participate in this sub.
Core Philosophy As I said before there was never really a clear consensus behind what exactly being 'anti work' means, but in general people tended to fall into two main schools of thought. First there are those who take the view that 'work' means 'performing labor under our current system of capitalist exploitation', and that the way our society is set up currently makes this task draining to the mind, body and soul. They also believe that conversely under a more fair system (usually Socialism or Communism) the act of producing the goods and services required to keep society running would be a much more positive experience, and perhaps an actively enjoyable one.
Those in the other camp, meanwhile, would define work as the act of performing labor itself, irregardless of the system. They believe that labor is at best a necessary evil, and that we should seek to create a society that demands as little labor from its participants as possible. As for myself I fall into the later camp, and as such will be elaborating on it further below. I do not feel qualified to do the former philosophy justice if I were to expand on it any further, although I highly encourage any who do hold that view to elaborate on it further in the comments.
The Way I See It What follows is my personal philosophy in regards to the whole thing, and while I feel as though it's not particularly unusual for this subreddit, it is none the less not meant to be indicative of anyone else's beliefs. Fundamentally how I see it is that performing labor is analogous to spending money. No one wants to actually spend money, but sometimes it's necessary so we can have food, housing, and all the little things that make life worth living. Likewise we do unfortunately need to perform labor to farm crops, build houses and keep society running, but really it'd be better if we didn't have to.
The difference however between money and labor is that the only point of money has no intrinsic value if not spent (a difference that the billionaires of world could stand to learn). With work, however, what you're really spending is your time and energy, the two most valuable things a human being has. All of the time you spend working is time you're not spending learning a new language, enjoying a hobby, spending time with your children, or simply relaxing. Every ounce of energy you use on your work is energy you're not spending creating art, learning a skill, spending time with a partner, or just making new memories.
While it is unfortunately impossible for everyone to spend all of their time simply enjoying their life right now, it wont always be, and even today we could massively reduce the hold work has over our lives if we wanted. Even just a four day work week and according increase in wages would massively increase the amount of control we have over our own lives, and that's already been tested to fantastic results. Even without any major changes to society I believe we could easily cut the amount of time we have to spend working in half.
Automation is massively on the rise, and frankly I can't see why any sensible society could see that as anything but a blessing. Every person who can't find a job is someone who can share the burden of work with someone else. Every machine who can do the work of one person should leave another with less. It is absurd to me that we as a society can leave a willing and able person cast out onto the street to starve while another has to to the work of three. And that doesn't even cover the work that is simply useless, thrown away into nothing. How much labor is spent everyday on the ego projects of billionaires and useless war machines? Imagine instead if every yacht builder, every warship designer and every soldier could instead help build houses, create technology and grow food. Imagine what we might have time for then.
Why does work have to be the focal point of our lives rather than an aside to the project of living them?
Common Concerns What would I do all day if not working?: Whatever you like! When something that occupies so much of your thought leaves your life it can be overwhelming to see how much time you have that you didn't have before, but it's human nature to adapt to new situations, and human culture has staggering depth, I'm sure you'll find something!
But won't it get boring?: The fact that this is most people's natural response to this idea is I think the single most heartbreaking thing about modern society. It might, at first, when people start to realize how long the day truly is, but that just means that there's more time to do the things you care about! Frankly if there isn't something you would want to read, watch, build, program, draw, write, learn, play, learn to play, climb, study, create, or just do, then you need to get out more. And, if you had more time you could get out more!
But I like my job: Then there's no reason you can't keep doing it! The only difference is that any time you spend doing it outside of what you have to is that it would be voluntary. You could do exactly as much work as you want to without doing a second more, and if for what ever reason you don't want to go to work today, no problem! You could work as much as you want to, when you want to, and still have time for all the important things in life.
But if everyone starts working less then everything will get more expensive!: We already produce much more than we consume in many areas, and if we can orient society around improving human lives instead of the production of profit, then we can eliminate a lot of those inefficiencies and focus our labor on things that actually matter instead. That fact combined with the increased recognized value of labor should mean that you can still have access to all the things you enjoy, and have more time to enjoy them!
Hate to break it to you, but people need to do work for society to function: Indeed they do, but not nearly as much as they do right now. The idea behind antiwork is not 'everyone should just stop doing things and go home right now', but that 'we as a society should do what we can to give people as much time to enjoy their lives as we can'.
You just don't appreciate the value of hard work: Maybe, but at least we appreciate the value of our lives.
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2021.10.27 07:08 jagbeezus 23 [m4r] bad history as a kid , want to get it off my chest

Just looking to vent and talk about things I have never told anyone before. If anyone wants to just talk. Jaburnerz
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2021.10.27 07:08 ennkaycee How do I win 1v2 lanes?

I play pos 3 in 2.4k mmr. My laning stage is dogshit in 9/10 solo queue games because it feels like a 1v2. I'm not even gonna ask how i can get my support to help because I know that's impossible. What do I do?. I know laning normally doesn't work because I just feed but i don't know what else to do.
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2021.10.27 07:08 Its_Something_pff Vehicle unpacks automatically

I have a periodically bug.
Sometimes a vehicle on a trailer unpacks itself after a few secs.
First I thought it was caused by a mod, but now it happens in pure vanilla.
Have you tried this? Is there a fix?
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2021.10.27 07:08 RiCONews [Asia ver.] 2021/10/27 Temporary Shutdown for Maintenance
2021/10/27 Temporary Shutdown for Maintenance 2021-10-27 17:40:00 (UTC+8)
Dear Players,
To fix the issue of duplicate card equip, the server will undergo maintenance at 2021/10/27 18:00 ~18:20 (UTC+8) to update the game. You will not be able to log in to 《ROCKMAN X DiVE》during the maintenance period. If the Update process complete earlier, we will open the server beforehand and make a Notice about it.
*Cards that has been duplicate equipped will be under fixing process during the maintenance time on 2021/11/03.
We apologize for any inconveniences that might cause.
Sincerely, 《ROCKMAN X DiVE》team
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2021.10.27 07:08 Antique-Morning-1433 Can we play fifa 22 on mac with m1 max using parallels

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2021.10.27 07:08 Tinytina722 Why did bob want to rip Lindsey Wallace’s clothes off?

I know he was joking, but I don’t get it
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2021.10.27 07:08 stevebeau12 Week 8 parlay picks. Am I wrong? Who's gonna make me take a L this week?

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2021.10.27 07:08 Importantsaying1202 I’m in a dilemma. My body hurts.

It’s been since 10:30 I woke up and now it is 11:00
I want to eat cereal but i feel like staying in bed to recover more energy because i slept a bit weird and had dreams of kissing strangers and woke up at 5 am thirsty but unable to get up (I’m buying a water bottle for my bedroom soon)
I want to eat cereal cause it’s easy to make and in order to do that I should shower change go downstairs but my body is asking me “is it worth it?” I am now in bed and waiting for my body energy to rise or me to get extremely hungry.
I feel like shit.
I’m also underweight 6,1 at 59kg
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2021.10.27 07:08 Exact-Republic4472 V

We proudly present GOLDEN DONUT TOKEN !! 🚀
Golden Donut is a new token that will feed your wallet with BNB rewards.
With our BuyBack system, Keep Calm!
The automatic purchase system is in place, which means it will slow down the falls and ACCELERATE the increases!
But we don’t stop there : The longer you keep the Token, the more it will help people in need around the world by providing them with water ! So don’t choke on your Golden Donut, let him feed your wallet and help to provide water to people across the globe instead!
A project based on the Long Term, with a serious mission: the construction of wells internationally with partnership !
- A Programmed Burn according to the number of holders with total potential BURN TO 80% 🔥
- A Team made up of several agency founders with MORE THAN 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE in Marketing 🤯
10 years ago the United Nations recognized that “the right to drinking water and sanitation is a fundamental right, essential for the full enjoyment of life and the exercise of all human rights” But today more than 2.1 billion people, so 30% of the population all around the world, still don’t have access to drinking water services.
→ With GoldenDonut participate in reducing the percentage at your scale 🙌🏼
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Tax: 10%
7% : BNB Rewards for our holders 💸
1% : Liquidity for better stability
1% : BuyBack
1% : High Level Marketing to increase the visibility of the token ! 🥇
Contract: 0xcec516645717eaef9bc3bb1d1abbffce68c30911
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.27 07:08 Incontinentia-B Depression and work

I'm 11 weeks pregnant, and I'm having a really hard time mentally. Today I woke up with anxiety, but still managed to get ready for work (a job I've grown to hate since getting pregnant). But I just couldn't leave my house. I broke down. I feel so worthless already, and as I called in sick today I feel even more worthless. I'm so afraid people will see me as a lazy person.
I'm pretty sure I have antenatal depression, and haven't talked to my OB yet.
I just want some reassurance. Have anybody here called in sick because antenatal depression, or because other mental issues?
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2021.10.27 07:08 Daniel7394 BSB champ Mackenzie won't go to WSBK "for the sake of it"

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2021.10.27 07:08 mitch_conner_ What's this on my dog?

I thought it was a massive whitehead but it didn't pop and some blood came out. The size hasn't decreased. photos here
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2021.10.27 07:08 willi_werkel That Nissan is unexpectedly quick!

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2021.10.27 07:08 kitty_slayer69 My target has changed

My target at the start of this was 0.0005. Now seeing how good this is going I think I'll just see where the road takes me lol.
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2021.10.27 07:08 Baba_Roga86 Privatpatienten bekommen 3 Monate früher Termin

Ich habe bei einem Facharzt einen Termin ausmachen wollen und habe als Neupatient frühestens in 3 Monaten einen bekommen. Ich habe die Überweisung meines Hausarztes und soll eigentlich dringend zeitnah hin. Ich habe mich bei der online Terminvergabe dann mal aus Neugier als privatversicherter Neupatient ausgegeben und plötzlich wurde mir ein Termin für nächste Woche angegeben. Ich habe beim Facharzt angerufen und nachgefragt, wie es sein kann, dass ein gesetzlich Versicherter mit Überweisung und Dringlichkeit 3 Monate warten muss, während ein Privatpatient ohne weitere Angaben direkt nächste Woche kommen kann. Die Dame wurde pampig und meinte nur, so seien halt die Regeln.
Ich meine, dass Privatpatienten bevorzugt werden ist ja ein alter Hut. Aber 3 Monate bei Beschwerden vs. wenige Tage ohne Angabe von Beschwerden? Ist das wirklich legal? Ich bin gerade ziemlich schockiert. Ist euch das auch schon mal passiert?
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2021.10.27 07:08 Idontwanteggsandwich Blursed fox

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2021.10.27 07:08 dilettantedebrah Soldier admits role in 1987 murder of Burkina Faso's revolutionary leader Sankara

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2021.10.27 07:08 acidsiefer Pika

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2021.10.27 07:08 ToxxicCrackHead Daily pick dont work.

The resulsts show up and everything and it says i won X, but the VC dont adds to my balance.
Can i fix this? Anyone have the same problem?
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2021.10.27 07:08 DaRealPulga I Guess I’m one of the few lucky ones.

So today my AirPods 3 arrived and I was scrolling through and I saw a lot of people complaining about the fit of Gen 3 and I was getting nervous. Until I put them in my ears and they fit perfectly. Surprisingly I think these fit better than my Gen 2 and I thought those fit me perfectly but I guess I’m blessed with my ears.
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2021.10.27 07:08 Ryan-official Let’s join this project: IMX PUNKS
Easy 100X!
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