Sorcs vs lucidity boots on lane zac?

2021.09.18 13:34 froggenpoppin Sorcs vs lucidity boots on lane zac?

I've been playing some lane zac recently with the bruiser build (riftmaker, cosmic drive) but im still not sure about boots. Also which armor items are best on bruiser zac? ive been going randuins, zhonyas, thornmail, gargoyles depending on enemy comp.
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2021.09.18 13:34 Iplaysimsonconsole What is socially inappropriate in your country but normal to the rest of the world?

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2021.09.18 13:34 Lestrade1 China applies to join key Asia-Pacific trade pact

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2021.09.18 13:34 HASANFLAME123 Reya Sunshine

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2021.09.18 13:34 not-myactualname How do you deal with the feeling of not being enough?

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2021.09.18 13:34 Wizards_Reddit I have a skylanders life hack kinda

So for people who want to collect skylanders but still enjoy them, turns out, the portal can detect skylanders through the packaging, so you can keep the skylanders in the box and still use them and sell them for full price, as long as you reset it afterwards, since the skylander is still untouched and in mint condition, lol
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2021.09.18 13:34 PolybiusChampion Cadillac Lyriq Reservation Books Open Today, September 18

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2021.09.18 13:34 DeezNutsKEKW Support gameplay.

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2021.09.18 13:34 develasco22 The Mysterious Nigerian Prince Who Scammed His Way Into Owning an F1 Team

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2021.09.18 13:34 bmoooh Freeze Ayaka without Bennet can still destroy the Abyss!

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2021.09.18 13:34 zackjbryson Who is a celebrity who DOES deserve their hated reputation?

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2021.09.18 13:34 WeAreFoxSports Mac Jones Explained Viral Wink to Opponent Before Snap

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2021.09.18 13:34 BoxCoxTransform Rosana Hernandez

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2021.09.18 13:34 Entire_Sale5946 A new CO idea. Hala, the Black Builder!

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2021.09.18 13:34 ukheather Get FREE 0.04 BSV (Bitcoin SV) totally FREE with NO SPEND needed when you join Zumo! (UK Only)

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2021.09.18 13:34 Impressive_Meal_9369 My brother brags about my sexual abuse

I really hate my family deep inside. I never told anyone I was sexually abused by people as a child, but my brother will go around listing them all to everyone he meets. I overheard him talking to my mom and sister saying I was gay because I was abused and they just agreed. He lists people and times off I don’t even remember because I was so young. I could waste my time being angry at him but I haven’t spoke to him in over a decade. Now he’s in prison for 25 years so I guess that’s that. It just makes me so frustratingly angry because if I confront the situation I have to admit that it happened. I just needed it to be out there, to know someone might have even glanced at my confession.
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2021.09.18 13:34 IAmBlueNebula How do you define non-obvious behavior and interactions in a level?

I'm developing a video game in my free time and am currently trying to design some levels for it. I want to make it possible for people to create and publish new levels.
So far I've been using my own convention based on JSON to define the behavior of the stuff that is animated/interactive in a level. However this approach is very limited: almost every time I want to implement something new and cool in a level, it turns out that the current format is not enough and I need to expand it. I can do this for the levels I'm designing, but players who want to make their own levels won't be able to.
How do you make it possible to define non-obvious behavior and interactions in a level?

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2021.09.18 13:34 Mycatpebbles Aimee & toxic femininity

The show and especially Aimee's arc resonated with me so much that I had to share.
Aimee is a perfect example of how toxic femininity affected young girls. From the start of the show she is shown to have all the girly traits: pretty smiling and pretty pleasing.
A lot of young girls I know approached sex and their own desires the pleasing way: we exist to please, we are sexy when we please, we have worth, if we please. Aimee behaved like porn actresses because she believed that is how girls are supposed to be. It is amazing to see her taking control of her own needs. It's great that her boyfriend loves that she enjoys sex for herself.
Her journey about her assault, was heartbreaking to see. She is so...feminine, that she doesn't realise it's not OK to have had to experience what was done to her on the bus. The show was eye opening for me, because my culture (I am Vietnamese) have always taught young girls to "let it be" even if you are hurt because it is how "nice" girls are supposed to behave.I was in tears when all the other girls supported Aimee and she got the love she deserved.
The show taught me it's nice to be nice, but not at the cost of your own comfort and desire. I'm thankful to have watched it.
Thanks for reading 😊
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2021.09.18 13:34 willowsgreen Signed off sick

I am so so tired of being off work and feeling useless. I hate telling people when asked "so what do you do for work?".
I was told I should take time off sick by my old CPN, 3 years ago, when OCD-like symptoms were taking over at the job I had at the time (since corelated to an ASD diagnosis). I've tried to work since then but failed each time, either crippled by paranoia before and during work and catching myself self harming without really realising, on the job. These were only 16hr jobs, I had an entire week to myself to prepare each time but instead it would just destroy my entire week.
Before, I was working full time, had my own horse etc. I have no idea what happened.
I feel like absolute shit for how long I've been off, especially as I now have my own flat and dog. I spend my entire days keeping busy and distracted which seems to look like I'm doing "okay" to everyone around me, when in reality I do all these things alone because I can't cope around people, and I'm really just trying not to let my mind wander and sink.
I have an old friend who was sectioned following addiction, she was of course off for this time, too, but she's also back to living her life within a 2 year period. I'm so happy for her but I'm also so sad. I'm literally begging for therapy to be told I'm too unstable yet I've been with the local mental health team my entire adult life (18 - 22 at current) and there still seems to be absolutely no hope, and it doesn't make sense that in 10 years of poor mental health, I've been stable enough to discharge but never be offered actual treatment?
I wouldn't even consider self harm and feeling suicidal unstable for me, its normal after this long.
I just want to be happy and proud of myself, so so badly.
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2021.09.18 13:34 Marcelo_Kill Data aquisition and display in Python

Dear internet saviours.
I come here with a request for help. I graduated in chemical engineering and during my studies and some professional experience, I had the opportunity to do some work related with data aquisition and other work in python: 1) I made a very simple LED sensor project (like outdoor lamps that turn on by presence) on LABVIEW 2) I made some work with automation of excel sheets and webautomation in python.
But now to the present: I work in a laboratory that has a reactor with temperature sensor, pressure sensor, vaccum pump, agitation (with desired rpm). All sensors have the adequate hardware for data aquisition, because once there was a program for data aquisition but now it doesnt work, although the hardware is already mounted. They use ADAM devices for data aquisition and a hardware with multiple inputs and one USB output that goes directly intothe PC.
The company responsable for the data aquisition does not really care... therefore I was thinking if I could make a program for data aquisition.
PROBLEMS: 1) I have some .vi files from the other program that does not work anymore, but my company wont buy LABVIEW so I must use a free program and since I like PYTHON, i wanted to use it. Do you think it is feasible to do this?
2) ADVANTECH, which makes the ADAM devices, does not have something like NIDAQmx which is compatible with python.
Is this project feasible? I dont have much experience in data aquisition, but I am willing to work for it. If you can show me a path to start, pls do not hesitate.
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2021.09.18 13:34 choquomochi Just finished this altar cloth for my best friend's Apollo's altar 💖☀️

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2021.09.18 13:34 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-gandhi-332

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2021.09.18 13:34 doflamingo13 How do you feel when your rapist/the rapist of your closest one commit suicide?

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2021.09.18 13:34 CountingNutters 2meirl4meirl

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2021.09.18 13:34 D4t-boi *moop*

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