PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2021.09.18 11:36 rythems310 PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have asus zephyrus m gu502gu , after resetting my laptop, e-support folder from c drive is deleted. This folder has some crucial drivers and services which cannot be replaced. Can some one please make a drive folder and share that here . Please !!! . Whenever you about to reinstall windows remember to make a copy of this folder . It has a driver wizard which automatically install all your drivers. C:\e- support
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2021.09.18 11:36 Best_Sweet_1190 I don’t know what to do

I really want to start piano classes I again(I stopped last July due to my academics) but if I do I’ll run into some trouble next school year. I attend a boarding school and as of right now due to the pandemic they allowed me to stay at home and by next year if things settle down then I have to go and stay on campus. The issue is if I continue my piano classes by next year I have to make the decision of quitting or taking a very long break until summer comes. I don’t want to do that but I also don’t want to stop going to this school, the acceptance rate for this school is very low and the amount of effort I placed to get accepted could not be given up. What am I suppose to do? Plus I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to bring a piano or a keyboard there.
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2021.09.18 11:36 NiceKogSheZed Is this dynamic loot or was there always a spawn there

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2021.09.18 11:36 definitelynotanalt89 Weekend whipper: don't belay and browse CCJ

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2021.09.18 11:36 toastyfresh Tiny bathroom renovation

Hi there,
First off; pics!
We bought an apartment in Amsterdam, top floor. The apartment is fine but the bathroom is an ugly affair from it's social housing days. It's pretty small, 1.8m per side box.
We'd like to do the following things:
a. Replace the 'poop shelf' toilet with a modern hanging toilet with the cistern built into the wall. I think it should give us an extra 20cm of space.
b. Move the bathroom sink to somehow sit on top of the washing machine, or at least slightly to the side of it. I also put in an inspiration shot we saw on some random website.
c. Install a ventilation fan
d. Replace tiles / change the flooring
e. If we can get approval from the owners association - cut a skylight into the ceiling so it's less dungeon like.
f. Possibly in the very short term, paint over the plastic flooring to cover up the horrible stains.
Do you guys have any tips / thoughts on our plan? I suspect that it's going to be better us to strip the bathroom down to studs and rebuild it rather than do little patch jobs. My thought was that I could (carefully) do most of the demolition myself, and then work with our general contractor to rebuild and learn some life skills along the way!
Do you think this will be a horribly expensive process? I know bathrooms tend to get expensive real fast, but we're not moving any plumbing - hopefully the bathroom sink could tap into the existing water and drain lines that the washing machine uses.
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2021.09.18 11:36 diamondsam2 ILPT Request- what apps help get free likes for insta? All the apps I knew of are no longer on the App Store

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2021.09.18 11:36 Celestial_Archer Hold up! This Odette revamp is a secret nerf

In the beginning of the revamp, they gave her the ability to root 5 enemies. Guess what? They removed it and now it only roots two. The original Odette roots three enemies.
Let's look at the positives of the revamp: 1) She has a dash in her ult.
Now let's look at the negative: 1) Damage reduction to shield. 2) Slow from first skill reduced from 70% to 30% 3) Root duration lowered and now only roots two enemies 4) Ultimate damage ratio lowered from 120% to 100%
Nice job Moonton. You ruined one of my favourite heroes but hey its a revamp, surely it's a buff right?
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2021.09.18 11:36 _XJH_ This 80years old nut cake, which was found in Lübeck,Germany. It survived the bombings of WW2 and also the big fire in the aftermath. It was recently discovered and is an one of a kind found.

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2021.09.18 11:36 Alfonso_Digsby I told a lie to my friends and have been trying to cover it ever since.

Last year I told a lie to my friends and ever since then I’ve been trying to cover it. Due to me being a pathological liar in the past it just happened and ever since I found out about Dr. K and meditation..I feel this overwhelming guilt when looking back at my life on all the lies I told to protect my Ego. I’m currently in a situation where I regret telling my lie and if I could have gone back I would change the way I responded to some stuff.
What I’m conflicted with is this ‘virtuous’ way of living, and this other way in which telling some lies is seen as being okay (at least in the western society). I know I’ve been quite vague, but any advice or anecdotes would be helpful!
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2021.09.18 11:36 colocolocolo69 Just for an hours thanks guys

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2021.09.18 11:36 RedFoxBlackCat egg_irl

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2021.09.18 11:36 Wisdomized Buttermilk Toilet Soap Ad (1896)

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2021.09.18 11:36 __rix__ *clapping*

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2021.09.18 11:36 R3Phoenix Unpopular Opinion if multiplayer isn't released soon the game will lose its hype

Please dont get mad as i said "Unpopular Opinion" its my opinion but feel free to debate me about it i love this game but so many people are waiting for multiplayer and dont say well just play the old multiplayer thats not what i mean its like if i had a jackhammer and it broke and you where like stop complaining just use the chisel just remember this is my Opinion
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2021.09.18 11:36 gbrennon Akka became the de-facto solution for Scala web development?

Back in the past, something like 2013, we had amazing libs like Scalatra, Finatra, Finagle, Finch, Akka and Play(blergh) in scala ecosystem.
In that time developers, at least me, used to write code around Finatra or Finagle and now it seems like everything is built around Akka.
Why Akka became the de-facto solution?
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2021.09.18 11:36 deadpigon Cursed child

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2021.09.18 11:36 Front_Throat I made a thing

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2021.09.18 11:36 love_poison_ Nia Sharma Doing whats shes Famous for

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2021.09.18 11:36 ComiX-Fan New Marvel homage! Inferno (2021 series) #1 / X-Men (1988 series) #242

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2021.09.18 11:36 Sir_chvnky_mvnky Training for Electrical Role

I’ve recently decided to join the army as an electrician after my apprenticeship has finished in two years time, I’m not in the best of shape and was wondering if anybody has any tips or workout routines they could share that would help me get into better shape?
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2021.09.18 11:36 werew0lfsushi Plant Karma 🤔

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2021.09.18 11:36 ReenBean22 Customer question

I ordered an appliance online and a store close to me has it in stock. Why is the order shipping from a store in another state that has it back ordered? Thanks
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2021.09.18 11:36 Niffiq_YT What is the best game, but the BEST game that you ever played and you still think of playing it again?

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2021.09.18 11:36 mr_loose_cannon The problem of areas of poverty, overcrowding, crime, low education and unemployment in otherwise rich countries must be the same throughout the world throughout the ages. What can history teach us about how to break segregation?

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2021.09.18 11:36 OutsideFriendly5246 What is ltbs worth In rhd??

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