You Break The Ice (Doja Cat, The Weeknd x Britney Spears) [2:59]

2021.09.18 11:51 Elevn00 You Break The Ice (Doja Cat, The Weeknd x Britney Spears) [2:59]

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2021.09.18 11:51 erdemmorocsj bayaadır yoktum nasılsınız

7 k dı gittiğimde 10 k olmuş
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2021.09.18 11:51 Talismeht Advice for those made by rape (27 M )

Tried making this post yesterday. Everyone was just useless though so I'm retrying.
To start this off, most of those that would've been like me were/are killed. Not for the wrong they've done of course though.
I mean, the wrong doer is the rapist, but it's the children of them that are punished.
How do I mean? Well, the rapist is let to live but %90+ of their children are killed.
This reminds of that bullshit of how your parents actions don't affect the child but that doesn't apply if you're made by rape I guess; most children of rapists are mashed and mangled until they become nothing but liquid.
It's strange how, to this world, that being made by violation is worse than violating. You can't tell me otherwise, Rapists are allowed to keep their lives while damn near every child of them are killed. For what the "parent" did, not the child.
I'll call that fucked up.
I love how I have features of a rapist, considering that I was made by one. I bet my semi autism and social/mental slowness come from there too.
I love how my life is shit because of what my father did. (which would be deciding to rape some dying underaged cancer patient)
I love it all. How I'm ugly, how my genes are shit, how my life is shit. How there's nothing really good at all.
It all comes from an aged act of penetration. (Wouldn't it be nice if my life was bad because of what I do and did, not another person?)
However, most people will have a nice life. Damn near any life is nicer than those ones created by rapists.
I don't like what I miss out on though. I can be said that I look like a rapist, and because I was made by one that's so completely true.
If you think Therapy helps with this you must have not been made by rape, so, what words and advice are there for those that are so fucking shitty that they have to be killed off.
Obviously we all are worse than rapists. we're treated many times worse.
not to mention how it's cool looking at nearly any women and realizing that they would have killed me/you if I/you were their child.
Makes a person feel great.
I want what advice there is for those made by rape. I want advice for those whose lives are shitty because of what someone else did, not them.
Advice. For. Those. Made. By. Rape?
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2021.09.18 11:51 fluffykintail The paedophile ridden Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS) has produced a discriminatory "mythbuster" explaining to international parents how their child wont get a Scottish accent....

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2021.09.18 11:51 HommoFroggy Ends the first half of AC Milan Primavera vs AS Roma Primavera [2-2], great goal from Di Gezu to make it 1-1, and Capone scores from the penalty spot to make it 2-2.

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2021.09.18 11:51 blackboned Jstyle Stainless Steel Link Curb Chain Necklace for Men

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2021.09.18 11:51 FuuuX27 My friend is a spurs fan and would like to go to the match, but you can only order tickets if you live in the Netherlands.We live in Germany, why it is hardly to get tickets.I wanted to ask if someone can get the tickets for us.Would also send the money over first before ordering,I hope you can help

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2021.09.18 11:51 performanceofself I felt pretty cute today

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2021.09.18 11:51 Cryptyie Meaning of BlackBoxWarrior?

Ive genuinely been trying to decipher this for the past hour but I cannot wrap my tiny little brain around it, so I’m turning to Reddit in a desperate attempt to figure it out. does anyone know what BlackBoxWarrior is about ?
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2021.09.18 11:51 bighandsomewoman RIZIN 30: all fighters on weight - PPV set for 22:00 PST

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2021.09.18 11:51 YOURNIGHTMAREPlayZ No more that will take to your youtube channel

Links to your Youtube videos will be taken down unless its from another person. Please just place your videos here. No more links are allowed.
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2021.09.18 11:51 MaveRick_TheBoss Somebody sent me a direct message on reddit chat and then deleted their account. I can't see their message but only the badge number of unread messages.

Well that somebody is me. I did it to experiment if that can happen or not. Apparantly I can't read messages anymore from the reddit chat I sent to myself (this account). I then deleted it. Now my reddit chat shows a badge number of unread messages and it is bothering me. Is there someway to remove it?
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2021.09.18 11:51 Sorkiy8 Two Story Three-Bedroom Townhouse Unit 364 by Reynen Luxury Homes, La Quinta

Two Story Three-Bedroom Townhouse Unit 364 by Reynen Luxury Homes, La Quinta Two Story Three-Bedroom Townhouse Unit 364 by Reynen Luxury Homes, La Quinta Offering 9 outdoor shared pools, this spacious two-story holiday home is located in La Quinta, California. A fully equipped kitchen and free WiFi access are featured at Two Story Three-Bedroom Townhouse Unit 364 by Reynen Luxury Homes. 48925 Eisenhower Drive, La Quinta, CA 92253, United States of America
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2021.09.18 11:51 RomyBoi Why do I need to force myself to do things I like?

I started reading Dune a few days ago and im really enjoying it, yet i feel like i really have to force myself to pick it up and keep reading. Should say that im not depressed or anything
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2021.09.18 11:51 Unfair_Ad_9812 Here's my cat :D

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2021.09.18 11:51 alptimur This Is My Pizza Making Classic T-Shirt

This Is My Pizza Making Classic T-Shirt
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2021.09.18 11:51 mfernandeziv [QC] KickWho Size 14 - AJ1 University Blue

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2021.09.18 11:51 NeonInMyBloodIsLivid Will people continue to live in monogamous relationship when they live over 100 years?

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2021.09.18 11:51 pepe42198 Depression in a relationship.

I have severe depression. One of my biggest issues is keeping up with chores, especially dishes. I live with my gf (currently on a break), and all she does is complain about my chores and cleanliness of the apartment. I want to Preface by saying that my neglect is not OK in the slightest and I want to do everything I can to get better because my gf and I both deserve it. But every time it gets bad (stacked dishes) she always complains and criticizes me. I keep telling her that negative reinforcement on a behavior driven by negative feelings isn't helping at all. That it'd be better just to say "hey the dishes are all clean, good job." I know it's stupid but it honestly would help a lot. When she says that something is wrong, it just makes every chore seem less important because it's never enough for myself or her. When I bring up positive reinforcement, she always, and I'm not exaggerating, will say "I never see the chores get done." 🥺I'm like "and this is the reason it never gets done, it's never enough. And when I genuinely ask for help, you can't even make up something or better yet, pick something really small that will boost my confidence just a smidge" but it never happens. I really want to do better. Should I ask her to move out or make the break a break up since she can't even give me a compliment to help me do better?
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2021.09.18 11:51 Chris33345 Gold trading analysis 18th Sept

Spot gold prices fell by $33.24 this week, or 1.86%. Although this week's inflation data eased the Fed's debt reduction pressure next week, retail data showed strong performance, and the market was still afraid of the Fed's signal of hawkish tightening next week, so gold prices were under pressure to fall. However, the issue of the US government debt ceiling, the issue of the US government's taxation of enterprises, and the still severe epidemic situation have always supported the price of gold, limiting the downward trend of gold prices.
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2021.09.18 11:51 wirfsweg Enter recovery key to unlock the volume "Macintosh HD"

I am having a similar issue to the one described in this post.
After a failed update which never completed (I left it overnight and it made zero progress), I installed a fresh of MacOS. This installation also failed and I got stuck in another loop trying to complete the installation. I can now no longer even access recovery mode.
If I boot from the startup disk I get to the login screen followed by the Apple logo and a stuck progress bar, and if I enter recovery mode I am prompted to enter my recovery key to unlock Macintosh HD. The thing is, I am 99% sure I chose to allow my iCloud account to unlock my disk, and I have no recovery key saved in my records anywhere. I still have access to my iCloud account via the password and 2FA.
Luckily my important files are backed up to the cloud and other locations, as they should be, but I would rather avoid the hassle of wiping the entire disk and reinstalling all my software, settings etc. as from experience this tends to create many unforeseen problems.
I guess my question is, how can I use my iCloud account to unlock the disk when there is no option to do so while booting?
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2021.09.18 11:51 KingdomPC Have you tried mindfulness or yoga?

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2021.09.18 11:51 ZB_AU ELEX II

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2021.09.18 11:51 MandyHawaord Genius socks!!! Not only moisture-wicking also anti-bacterial,anti-Odor

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2021.09.18 11:51 Nickub_1126 Spoiler) Stone statue
I think it's related to the undertail stone statue, so I put it up.
I think that statue is also a character from another world.
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